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20 Ways to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

You don’t need a large backyard space to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to sit outside in the springtime or cozy up in the fall, your geographical location does not matter when it comes to a balcony or patio space. Use these backyard, patio, and courtyard ideas if you are ready to make the most of your available space. With some creativity and a clear purpose, your backyard can be ready for entertaining in just a few days.

Your own slice of the city with a skyscraper balcony. houzz.com

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t experience the outdoors. This balcony features bench seating and a tall table for outdoor meals. Adding lighting to the railing defines the space more clearly. Pass many evenings in this stunning space.

Enjoy the shade with a patio cover. houzz.com

This partially shaded patio cover has the potential to keep you cool but also let the light in as you need it. With a small yard, this setup is perfect.

Just add bench seating and a table. houzz.com

With just a few pieces, you are able to create an outdoor oasis. This bench with a table in a similar style creates a nice date night area, right off of your living room.

This fenced in yard is perfect for entertaining. houzz.com

Section off your patio from the neighbors so you get a beautiful oasis in the middle of a hectic city. You don’t even need matching chairs to host an outdoor dinner!

Add seating below your first level. houzz.com

In a city area with a large walk up, an outdoor table has the potential to be an extra entertainment space. Adding a few plants and flowers gives your patio a more curated, natural feel.

full outdoor kitchen
Add elegance with a full outdoor kitchen. houzz.com

This home is unique because the owners transformed a patio into an outdoor kitchen, without using up any green space. A space-conversing design like this is easy to maximize for your location.

Separate your space with the addition of a deck. houzz.com

Do you have a backyard that goes largely unused? With the addition of a stone deck with seating, you have the perfect place for the adults to congregate and the children to enjoy. Making gardening a family event with a backyard like this.

Spend a lifetime in this first floor courtyard. houzz.com

In a city space with a closed off courtyard, open the doors from a hectic city into a courtyard that feels like an escape. None of these updates are wildly expensive, it is just designed to give a natural, welcoming feel.

Don’t let the world disrupt you here. houzz.com

This is another example of a city courtyard but this space makes use of natural materials in the decking, seating, and flower beds. Throw open your sliding glass doors for an effortless indoor/outdoor space.

Lounge in this bright backyard. houzz.com

Do you have an oddly shaped outdoor space? Add seating in unique shapes and contrasting colors so the space seems carefully curated. This photo has rectangular seating, circular seating, and a set of tables that can be moved with ease.

Make your outdoor space seem larger with this combo. Houzz.com

With a small outdoor space, you can open your large sliding glass doors to make your living room and outdoor area seem like one large room.

Sit outside with this backyard dining space. houzz.com

You don’t need a large backyard or a large table to create a welcoming seating area for your next family get together.

You can live in a city and have an outdoor space. houzz.com

This deck is obviously in a city atmosphere but pieces of nature have been added to emphasize that we are outdoors. From natural materials in the table to the addition of plants and shrubbery, this is the definition of a city backyard!

Maximize available space with this porch. houzz.com

Instead of a closed off Florida room, add enough seating to hold many desks if you need it. This deck has a living area, dining area, and kitchen all in a few hundred square feet.

lower level outdoor space
An oasis in the middle of the city. houzz.com

This is another example of an oasis in the middle of the city. With lighting, a fireplace, and some storage space, you might find yourself spending the whole night out here.

Build your own seating and deck area. houzz.com

With a few weekends of work, this deck area can be built in your backyard.

Sit outside in this stone outdoor area. houzz.com

In a home with a large stone wall separating you from the city, there is only so much space for seating. This deck has minimal seating, but that is all we need!

This city balcony is your own piece of outdoor space. houzz.com

Another city balcony project defined by it’s garden-like quality and its lighting gives you a piece of heaven right in the city.

This outdoor courtyard adds personality. houzz.com

Don’t have a lot of space? Add beautiful tile to draw the eye to your this design element rather than the size of your patio.

Grill and chill in this beautiful space. Houzz.com

With a strategically placed grill and carefully designed seating, you can entertain in this well-decorated space. We love the way this space is decorated with a range of natural materials including stone, metals, plant life, and woods.


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