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C-Shaped Concrete Block Home Wraps Around Swimming Pool Courtyard

La Chaya by Eureka Studio is located in Merida, Yucatan, designed by Eureka Studio, it is a concrete block design, featuring a stacked pattern rather then the traditional subway or brick layout and continuing along the “un” traditional design, the home’s front garden, sandwiched between the main entrance and the garage, is a sand box with cacti growing from it.
The garage doors are also unconventional, featuring a large bi-folding design.

A small, unassuming door to the right of the cacti garden opens to a pathway that leads down the side of the house to another cacti garden and the main entry door.
The main door is a large pivoting design made out of solid wood located in a niche next to a pair of sliders that opens the kitchen to the cacti garden.
The kitchen is separate from the social zone and is filled with floor to ceiling storage and top of the line appliances.
While the kitchen is void of any fussy details, the soft green cabinetry and dark wood fills the room with vibrancy and life.
The entry door pivots open to the double volume dining room, which is positioned right next to the contained kitchen and overlooks a sand garden underneath the stairwell.
The dining room pops with color within its patchwork chairs and row of animal hooks on the wall.
The dining table continues the concrete brick aesthetic within its base.
A outdoor living space is next to the dining room through a pair of sliding glass doors.
This outdoor zone is right next to the pool.
While the front gardens are all about sand and cacti, this courtyard space has a lush patch of grass growing next to the outdoor seating.
The courtyard is the master suite and a home office on the main floor and three bedrooms and two baths upstairs.
The master bedroom overlooks the pool while the home office overlooks the palm tree and grassy area.
With the home wrapping the pool on three sides and a fence on the other, the pool is a completely private oasis in the middle of a city.
On the other side of the fence is a large, full grown tree that continues the privacy high up into the air while at the same time offering a beautiful view of its leaves and branches.
The back wall of the home is where a hallway is located, connecting the dining room to the master suite without having to go outside, there is also a hallway upstairs connecting the top of the stairs to the three bedrooms above the master suite. Above the kitchen the stairwell leads to a private sitting room and to an upstairs terrace overlooking the front garden.
The upstairs terrace is wrapped with planters for growing vegetables.
Architects – Eureka Studio.
Photography by David Cervera
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