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Every Amazing Patio Idea Under the Sun

Patio is one of the most popular outdoor spaces because of it’s versatility and sheer romance. This Spanish word for courtyard has spread across the globe to describe every outdoor area that is used for recreation and dining including outdoor restaurant areas. A great patio idea is all about creating an inviting space with a character. You don’t want it just to check off the box. Think about what would make you want to spend time there and take an extra effort to serve the patio table just to have breakfast?

Classic Patio

Courtyard patio
Courtyard patio by Archiverde
Tiny patio
Tiny patio via HGTV
Cozy patio
Cozy patio via HGTV
Romantic patio
Romantic patio via HGTV

That kind of commitment requires a pretty special patio design. But first let’s discuss some classic patio attributes like pavement. Typically paved with concrete or stone a patio has a clean cold aesthetic. Here is where concrete alternatives can help your patio look warm and beckoning. Brick is one of the more homely options and it also allows creating various floor patterns. Cobblestone will give you the old-fashioned, even historic look. And, finally, stone tiles offer variety in terms of pattern and colors.

Another main patio element is furniture. And although wrought iron is pretty sturdy it doesn’t make for the most comfortable sitting. Metallic furniture in general is long-lasting, but it has its own downsides like rusting. So when it comes to patio furniture it’s best to think comfort, otherwise your patio may just stay a feature rather than a functional area.

If your heart, however, is set on the classic look you can always use wooden inclusions and lush greenery to soften stone and metal finishes. Coupled with bright blooms and accents it might look inviting enough.

Modern Patio

Modern patio
Modern patio via House Beautiful
Fire pit patio
Fire pit patio idea by Erik Aust
Minimal patio
Minimal patio by Martin Kobus
Charles Debbas Euclid Garden patio
Charles Debbas‘ Euclid Garden patio

Creating a modern patio can be as easy as arranging a seating area. It doesn’t require much in terms of greenery or special paving. It can do with just a set of furniture. But design solutions are limitless when it comes to modern architecture. Modern homes often feature outdoor spaces fit for all kinds of purposes and you can always build an extension to cover your patio like Charles Debbas did for his Euclid Garden patio.

A modern patio can be minimal. A fire pit and a couple of chairs is enough to make it an attractive spot for evening leisure.

Modern furniture is also very diverse and versatile. There is a great assortment of tables with built-in fire features, imaginative chair designs, and attractive sofas on the market right now that you can use to add character to your outdoors.

Covered Patio

Patio under aluminum arbor by Exterior Worlds Landscaping
Patio under aluminum arbor by Exterior Worlds Landscaping
Covered patio
Covered patio by Todd Davis Architecture
Covered patio near pool
Covered patio near pool. Photo by Matthew Niemann
Covered patio with a glass sun awning
Covered patio with a glass sun awning via Willis Allen Real Estate

With the sun in your eyes it can be difficult to enjoy views or see what you’re eating, so some kind of sun protection may be in order, especially if your patio is in a sunny spot and has no surrounding trees.

Although a pergola is a more popular option, a laser cut arbor may provide your patio with a beautiful light patterns. Pavilion spaces are also becoming more widespread because they are quite versatile and offer an unparalleled indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

Just think about all the things you could do with a concrete pavilion – a covered patio, a poolside house, or an outdoor living area and kitchen. What can be better? Well, a pavilion with a skylight or UV glass ceiling.

Minimal Patio

Backyard patio by Statile & Todd
Backyard patio idea by Statile & Todd
Unusual patio
Unusual patio by Exterior Worlds Landscaping
Southview Designs garden patio overlooking lake
Southview Design‘s garden patio overlooking lake
Steve Martino's modern patio
Steve Martino‘s modern patio

The beauty of a patio is that it can be as minimal as you’d like and we’re not talking about style only. As we already mentioned, a couple of chairs in the right location can be enough to make you come back to it again and again. It’s a matter of creating a serene spot in your backyard, garden or taking advantage of available views.

Southview Design placed a patio in front of a lake surrounded with lush trees and lawns. A few wrought iron furnishings with bright cushions complete the area where you can spend hours simply contemplating nature or taking to a friend about philosophy and life.

Exterior Worlds Landscaping went with a secluded patio idea surrounded with bamboo and a decorative fence.

Patio With a Fire Feature

Stone patio with statement chairs
Stone patio with statement chairs by Griffith Interior Design, LLC
Fire pit patio idea
Fire pit patio idea by APLD
Patio with a fireplace
Patio with a fireplace by Barry Block

One of the things that will definitely attract you and your guests to a patio like moths is a fire feature, be it a small fire pit or a huge fireplace. Bright and inviting fire is an element you can contemplate for hours and use it to warm your outdoor area on cool fall evenings.

Fire pits are relatively cheap and can look really impressive. Building a patio around a statement fire pit is easy, but if you want to amp up the drama you can complete it with unusual chairs.

A fireplace, though, calls for something with a more flair to it. Barry Block flanked this stone fireplace with makeshift wooden pergolas and lush blooming bushes. In addition he used metallic furnishings with plush cushions and pillows to soften up the look.

Mediterranean Patio

Mediterreanean patio
Spanish Colonial Revival patio via House Beautiful
Donna Puzifera mediterranean patio
Donna Puzifera mediterranean patio

Mediterranean style patio is an ultimate outdoor area with its warm accents and statement furniture. Every decor element adds character to the place and makes you want to hang around and spend more time outdoors.

To create a similar look incorporate big statement planter pots, sturdy wooden furnishings, and statement accessories like a tray coffee table into your patio decor.

Green Patio

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects Butterfly Beach Villa Patio
Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects Butterfly Beach Villa Patio
Stone patio
Windermere Real Estate stone patio idea

Green lush garden is a beautiful spot for a patio. There you can truly hide from the world, take in the beauty of your blooms and forget all about mundane things. Your patio doesn’t have to be overly designed in a garden. On the contrary, a lush garden calls for reserved sophisticated furnishings.

If you want to add more decor elements, go with water features as they not only spruce up areas they are placed at but also add some freshness to them.

Picturesque Patio

Tropical style patio
Tropical style patio via HGTV
Patio overlooking the ocean
Patio overlooking the ocean via Villa Properties

Speaking of water features, what can be better than a patio overlooking the sea? Views alone can carry the place, but if you add a bit of design and order to the natural chaos it will truly shine.

Before investing in it make sure to put your patio idea into a floor plan. It’s always good to visualize a design before turning it into reality.


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