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12 Country Chic Ideas for Your Fireplace

With numerous different holidays quickly approaching upon us it may be time to re-decorate your living room and give it a warm festive feel. One living room item that will always remain a classic staple in any home is a fireplace. Having a fireplace is always a plus for a living room space not only because it adds a warm, cozy feel that is also elegant, but because it offers an excellent additional decorating space. Give your fireplace a twist by using one of the following country chic ideas that are sure to inspire you to want to add a country feel to your living room.

Rustic Wood Antlers

If you do not want to add antlers of different sizes consider placing them in different forms in your fireplace space. Contemplate having a simple decor that is mainly wooden. Having a wooden based decor will give you the chic effect you want. Add other antlers around your living room space to bring the entire decor together.  

Antlers are a big part of country décor because they are easy to have an easy to place around the home. They also add the rustic country feel that we aim for when you decide to add a country chic twist to the fireplace. Add different size antlers on the mantle of your fireplace for a fun twist, that is easy to remove if you decide to do so.

Art Pieces

You can also add art surrounding the fireplace to bring the entire style together. Or you can consider having multiple of the same art piece doubled for a cohesive look that is also trendy and chic. Choose pieces that offer color and texture to your living room space.

Art is always a great decorative element. It adds personality to the space as well as a unique twist that offers visual appeal.  Instead of having one simple piece of art on the wall above your fireplace have a collection of unique mix and matching pieces. The mix and match aspect of this idea will bring together the chic feel of the room.

Charming Pieces

If you are going to have charming pieces this is the perfect time and space to decorate your home with holiday decor. Your fireplace works great for layering multiple different charming trinkets that enhance the space of your living room. This is also the perfect space to add color as you have the ability to have bold colorful pieces around your fireplace as well as on yoru mantle.

Select a few charming pieces that speak to you such as owl statues or a few little charming trinkets that give the room a charming feel. The charming aspect of having these pieces on top or surrounding your fireplace is that it makes the space seem more cozy and warm. It will also provide a focal point in the living room. If you really want to add a few charming pieces, consider making them colorful pieces this will make you and your guests directly focus on the fireplace space.

Large Clock

A large clock provides visual appeal in a room because it is a bold piece that commands your attention. There is something very trendy yet vintage about having a large timepiece that shows the time and draws your attention. Keep the rest of the decor around it simple to allow the clock to shine.

Working with a neutral palette can cause you to think your decorating pieces need to be a certain color or a certain style in order for them to work well in the space. However, neutral palettes are great as you can add color without disrupting the current décor. You can also maintain the entire space neutral and just add bolder richer colors that will enhance what you have. A large clock is a great way of extenuating the current décor you have by being a bold piece that is large and makes a statement.

Smooth Hues

If you have a wall that is already a smooth hue consider having a fireplace that is one shade lighter or one shade darker in order to create contrast. When contrast is created you will have a third-dimensional feel in the room. The 3D effect will expand the space and give it that little hint of decor you may need.

When in doubt paint your fireplace a smooth hue. A smooth hue is considered a neutral tone that is bold yet subtle. Consider an off-white, beige, taupe, or a pastel shade for the best results. These colors will not interrupt your current décor instead they will enhance the space. Painting your fireplace will add a cohesive feel in the room as well. You want the color to stand out against your current wall color.

Masculinity Twist

A black fireplace adds the touch of edginess that you may want to have in the living room. It also works well ina neutral tone space because of how bold the color black tends to be. Add other black elements to create an even grander effect that stands out from the rest.

For a more masculine take on the country chic style paint your fireplace black. Black is a neutral that is also bold and powerful. However, it works well with numerous different shades while providing an edgy twist. It also provides a country old feel that is warm and captivating all at the same time.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A large mirror can create the perfect balance in a room. Mirrors reflect light therefore, they make any room appear larger and more put together. Add a metallic touch to the room by having a metal framed mirror above your fireplace. You can also have mirrors it placed in different areas of the living room.

Regardless, of the size of your living room or the size of your fireplace, a mirror on the wall above the fireplace will make a huge difference. Mirrors reflect light which in return will cause the space to appear larger and more expandable. You may even want to incorporate multiple different mirrors of numerous different sizes for the best effect. This will give the room a chic twist that works every time.

Pop of Blue

A blue fireplace means you can have other blue decorative items in the living room without creating a color clash. It also means if you have a neutral space a bold blue fireplace will add the pop of color you may need. You may also want to pair the fireplace with a similar color rug for a cohesive feel. 

Let’s say you don’t like the idea of a black fireplace because it’s too edgy and the idea of a pastel fireplace seems unoriginal a pop of rustic blue may be exactly what you need. An antique, rustic shade of blue will add character to the fireplace while still being country chic. The color should look and feel aged. Doing so will create a space that chic yet trendy with a bit of a twist.

Shades of Sage

If you do not want to paint your fireplace sage green you can always place sage green stones along the border of your fireplace for a sage green feel that does not fill the entire space. You can also choose to paint the wall of your fireplace sage green this will become an accent wall in your livng room.

Sage green is a beautiful color to have in your living room space. It is chic while still being bold and even subtle in a way. You can call this color a contradicting shade because it plays well with a multitude of colors while still being considered a bold hue. Paint your fireplace and the wall behind it sage green for the ultimate complimentary take on country chic.

Take Your Fireplace Outdoors

The beauty of an outdoor fireplace is that it brings warmth to the entire outdoor space. Therefore, it allows you to be able to be outdoors even during the chillier months of the year. Place it in front of a table or in front of a warm seating area for a great time with family and friends.

An outdoor fireplace can help you want to spend more time outdoors. The idea is to have something that belongs indoors as part of your outdoor decor. Add a warm effect in your backyard works great for gatherings of family and friends especially during the cooler months. Have an all brick fireplace for the best effect that also adds a bit of country chic to the outdoor space.

Intricate Detail

If you do not want to paint an intricate design on your fireplace, consider having the design carved instead. A carved fireplace will add a bolder take on this idea the reason being the carved details will stand out more from the rest of the painted areas.

Add an intricate touch to your fireplace by having a professional paint a design onto your fireplace. This will elevate the feel of your simple fireplace. You can have them paint a simple design for a hint of chic or an intricate and elaborate design for a more upscale look. You want the design to be the same color as the fireplace using a different color will not give you the same effect that using the same color will.

Personal Arrangement

Intimate pieces that mean something to you are great to decorate your fireplace with. This will add to the personal touches in the home. Add books, letters, candles, even flowers to your mantle. 

Arrange your mantel with personal items such as images, letters, and/or other pieces that resemble you and your family. This will add the personal touch that you want. Do not be afraid of using multiple different items of numerous colors, sizes, and shapes. Doing so will give you a personal area that brings the entire space together. Add a candle or two to bring the entire space together.

Country chic is an excellent decorating style, especially when you want to add a cozy feel to your home. Which one of these will you be incorporating to your fireplace? Please let us know in the comments below.


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