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Chic Ways To Revamp Your Fireplace

A fireplace is one of those living room signature pieces that cozy up the room almost immediately. However, they are also quite underrated when it comes to decorating them. Most people leave them empty, and others will add a few holiday decorative pieces here or there. With a little creativity and a whole lot of inspiration, you can revamp your fireplace almost immediately. Here are a few chic ways to revamp your fireplace and bring it back to life.

Black Marble

Not only is black marble contemporary but its aesthetically pleasing, so much so that you will love watching a beautiful flame burn while having a cooling touch surrounding it.

Why have a traditional fireplace when you can go the elegant route and have a black marble one instead? We love the idea of having a black marble fireplace as the main highlight of the living room. Pair with traditional décor for a stark difference between the pieces you have and your non-traditional fireplace.

Metallic Touch

Having a metallic fireplace is perfect when you want to have a touch of contemporary while still having that traditional fireplace feel. Pair it with similar colors for a beautiful contrast between the two.

While a beautiful brick or wood fireplace is always a good idea, having a contemporary display is too. Add in metallic touches here and there as a display or even as a part of your overall fireplace frame. Doing so adds a refreshing touch without disrupting the current décor.

Add a Mantel

Having a mantel is perfect for a fireplace because it gives you an area where you can display all of your most wanted decorative bits. Display a photo gallery, a few memorial objects and or even holiday decor.

Every fireplace comes with a sleek spot above called a mantel, well if you have yet to take advantage of it, it might be time to do so. Add holiday décor or trinkets that make sense in the space without taking away from it. Contemplate adding hints of color to brighten the room in a simplistic manner.

Stack it Up

Adding logs inside of your fireplace is an excellent form of bringing contemporary to your home. Add logs in multiple different sizing for an extra touch that brings the area back to life.

If you have a non-working fireplace, it does not mean that you can no longer use it. It means you can use it in a unique manner. Consider stacking logs where the fire used to burn, for a unique take on a traditional display.

Bring on the Color

Paint your fireplace a beautiful shade to expand the room and bring color. Consider using a bright shade to have that classic appeal that makes the room come back to life in the most beautiful manner.

When in doubt, paint it! Take your fireplace and paint it a fun, bold color that brightens not only the area itself but the entire room. Doing so will add a hint of character, and texture exactly where you need it. Consider this the new way of adding that bright yellow, or navy blue you have been dying to use.

Light it Up

Having a non-working fireplace can be a bit discouraging, due to not being able to use it. Therefore, adding in candles of multiple different sizes can bring that warming effect that a classic working fireplace would.

Another option for those whose fireplace no longer works, add candles on top of your mantel and inside of your fireplace for a welcoming glow that appears almost as warm as a traditional fireplace would. The key is using candles of multiple different sizes for that comforting effect.

White it Out

Having a white fireplace is perfect for those that have a smaller living room and want the space to feel open and airy. Pair with a colorful boarder to make the room feel more put together.

Painting your fireplace white is an excellent form of bringing light to a room, without having to completely paint the space. Consider painting it completely white for that open effect, and having a darker wall behind it. Doing so will bring a beautiful contemporary display that simply makes sense.

Sleek Cement

Cement may seem a bit different from most materials due to it being mostly used outdoors. However, when it is used indoors it brings a modern twist to any space especially in the bedroom.

Modern is in, so much so that a sleek cement fireplace is a way to go. This works best if you already have a modern living room, and simply want to take it to the next level. Consider having your fireplace as part of a large wall for that stark focal point that brings the space back to life.

Colorful Tile Lining

Whether you use a colorful tile that brings out the hues you already have around the room, or you decide to use a pattern tile design, the options are endless. Contemplate having a simple display that brings color in a intimate manner.

Want to bring color to your fireplace in a modern way? If so, this is the way to do it. Place colorful tiles and line the border of your fireplace with them. Select a colorful tile or even a selection of patterned tiles to bring that bold touch exactly where you want it.

Modern Two Side

We love a double-sided fireplace! Its simple, its unique and its beautiful all on its very own. Consider having it as a divider between the living room and the dining room.

Why have a one-sided fireplace when you have a double-sided one instead. Having a double-sided fireplace allows you to see the fireplace from both sides while providing a warming effect in a more luxurious grand type of way.

How are you revamping your fireplace this fall? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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