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Cozy Fireplace ideas to bring the holidays directly to your living space

Is there anything better than hanging out on your couch with a cozy blanket in front of your fireplace? We think not! This is why we love the idea of revamping your fireplace in order to bring the holidays directly to your living space. From sleek marble to rustic chic, we have something for everyone. Here are a few fireplace ideas to truly enhance your home.

Brick Detailing

Paint your brick hue of off-white to truly make the room feel expansive yet comes to life.

When it comes to a fireplace, you want to take full advantage of it, by fully embracing what you have, with a sleek appeal. In order to provide a sleek appeal, we love the idea of using brick as part of your fireplace. Furthermore, consider having your fireplace be brick entirely.

Black & White Marble

Keep the rest of your decor, white and black to fully embrace the appeal of your fireplace, while still being contemporary.

Is there anything more classic than having marble in your home? We think not! We love it so much, we like the idea of having black and white marble as part of your fireplace. You can almost say, black and white marble works due to how sleek and fun it can be. Pair with an elegant space to make a world of a difference in the room itself.

Sleek Black

Bring an edge to your fireplace by having other dark elements that further enhance the room’s overall appeal

Black is one of those hues that can appear edgy, sleek, elegant or even dainty depending on what it is paired with, the reason why we love the hue so much. Furthermore, the idea of bringing a black fireplace makes perfect sense when you want to embrace a unique look for your home. This works great even in a bedroom as it further embraces the aesthetics of the room.

Go All-White

Bring a modern fireplace for that sleek white appeal. It’s almost as if your decor will revolve around its aesthetic without taking away from it

When in doubt, go for an all-white fireplace. White is an excellent color when you want to brighten the room in an overall manner. Keep the room as crisp as possible to ensure the white makes the room feel grand and sleek all at the same time.

Custom Tile Work

When it comes to fireplace tiles, consider a design that makes the room feel grand and sleek all at once.

Some might think of tiling as something that is needed in the kitchen, but in all reality, tiles can be used anywhere in the home. Consider bringing in unique tiles that make your room feel grand yet keeps the original feel of your decor. It’s all about keeping the room as sleek as possible with hints of pattern and color. Tiling further helps make the room feel sleek and cohesive with just the right amount of color.

Go Contemporary

When going a modern work with an electrical fireplace. Doing so will give you the same approach but in a sleek format.

Contemporary is one of the best ways to make your fireplace feel as modern as possible. If you already have a contemporary room, adding a modern fireplace is perfect for those that want to further enhance the room’s natural aesthetic. It’s all about getting the right decor where you need it most. Bring in a colorful element that works with your contemporary touch to make the room come to life.

Work with Stone

Work your stone fireplace with the rest of your decor in order to make the room feel cohesive yet grand all at once

Working with a stone fireplace works because it adds a natural touch to your decor. It’s all about making the room come to life without overwhelming it in general. Keep in mind, the stone you use will need to work with the rest of the room to truly bring a bold focus to the room. Though the fireplace, usually ends up being the focus of the room, when you bring in statement stone you further enhance its appeal.

Mix it Up

Mixing and blending your decor with your fireplace means you get the most out of the room and it’s decorating bit.

Why use one kind of material when you can mix up and create a custom display. You can almost say it enables you to make your very own kind of fireplace. Use natural bits and pair it with tiles or marble to truly make a statement. It’s all about getting the most out of the room while being modern and unique.


Go as modern as possible to make the room come to life. It’s all about making the room feel sleek

When it comes to blending charming and modern touches, a double-sided fireplace is a way to go. Having a double-sided fireplace works because it enables you to have your fireplace in two places at once. This is perfect for those that have an open floor plan, as it keeps the flooring open yet a sleek divider in-between.

Glass Encased

When having an encased fireplace you can truly place it anywhere you would like as it is modern and appealing right from the start

Another form of getting a double-sided fireplace is by getting a fireplace with a glass encasement. Not only is it modern but it works effortlessly, with any type of decor you have. Furthermore, it adds a charming, ethereal touch that makes the room come back to life overall. It’s almost as if your fireplace has become a mystical area for your home that becomes the main focus.

While the fireplace is one of a kind, sometimes it needs a sleek update and these ideas will do just that. Please share with us your ideas of what the best fireplace decorating trends are.


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