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Contemporary fireplace ideas that are too charming to pass up

If you have a fireplace in any area of your home, then you know how impactful it can be to your décor. Not only does it create a bold statement, but when you want to upgrade the space, it’s versatile enough that you can upgrade it as well. The key to upgrading your fireplace is going the contemporary route. Here are a few ideas that are too charming to pass up.

Vertical Fireplace

There’s something extremely classic, yet lavish about having a vertical fireplace as part of your decor. It makes the room feel grand and appealing all at once.

While most of us are accustomed to having a horizontal fireplace, this time we are looking at the idea of having a vertical feature. Vertical fireplaces are the perfect welcoming effect due to how modern they are. They not only will warm the room up, but it will add a sense of intricacy.


When it comes to double-sided fireplaces, the bigger the better. A bigger fireplace will make a grander appeal in the room while being sleek and modern all at once.

One trend that is completely taken over is double sided, fireplaces. The fireplace is no longer an item that warms up the room and gives any space a cozy twist, it’s now become a statement piece. And that is where a double-sided fireplace will come into play. The idea is to have your fireplace be seen from multiple different angles.


For a peninsula fireplace, you want to have a modern of a piece as possible in order to make the biggest impact.

So, you read the heading and thought “peninsula?! For a fireplace? How?” The answer is simple, having a fireplace to create a seamless division between an open space is one of the best ways of saving space while creating a seamless division. This is perfect for those that have an open floor plan yet want to create something a bit different while giving another room its own personal territory.

Bring it to the Dining Room

When bringing your fireplace to the dining room you want to bring a luxurious feel. In order to just that, consider having a marble fireplace for that classic lux feel.

The dining room happens to be one of our personal favorite areas to have a fireplace in. It’s the space where families will gather together to enjoy a meal so why not jazz it up a little bit. The key is adding a minimalist fireplace and allow your décor to be the statement. Having your décor make the statement allows the fireplace to feel like an additional item in the room instead of having it always be the center of attention.

Brick & Modern

If you want to take your decor up-notch with your light brick, fireplace, consider having some sort of pattern as part of your brick painting. The pattern will further enhance the feel of the space.

Although most of us are well versed on brick fireplaces, there is an element of newness in the air this time around. The reason being, brick is now being displayed in a lighter hue, giving the room an expanding feel naturally. Additionally, you can always paint your brick fireplace a lighter hue to give you that modern feeling.

Dark & Daring

The darker your fireplace the edgier it will appear; however, if you do not want to go full-on edgy, gray is the way to go. It’s edgy enough, yet easy on the eye.

Just like a light-colored fireplace are on trend, dark, edgy ones are as well. A dark and edgy fireplace is perfect for those that are looking to bring a showcase element to the room. The key is working with a dark hue that is sleek, you do not want to have much texture when you are showcasing a darker fireplace.


If you have personally designed your own custom fireplace, you want to take into notion how big your room is and how much space you can afford to take up.

If you truly want to bring something different to any room, consider a custom element! Having a custom touch brings in something new that can be felt throughout the room. The key is having a bold enough piece that the room feels refreshed and new.

Corner Style

When it comes to a corner fireplace you might want to consider a smaller version. A smaller fireplace will help not take away from your decor.

Sometimes you have the perfect decorating idea, but there’s an awkward corner that doesn’t allow you to execute your thoughts properly. If that is the case, consider a corner style fireplace. This kind of fireplace is not only trendy and fun, but it helps remove the heaviness of having a full fireplace by giving you a new and airy twist.

Minimal Can Be Best

When going for a modern, minimal touch you want to go for a bright hue in order to make the room still feel grand.

Though most of us have grown around and have loved having a large fireplace, sometimes you want a more minimal approach. Not because it takes away from your décor but because it can make the room feel grand. There is something quite relaxing about having a minimal decorative item.

Ergofocus Fireplace

A simple Ergofocus fireplace will make a huge difference in the way the room is felt, particularly when you are working on having a classic, yet modern approach.

If you have never heard of this kind of fireplace before, do not fret these have essentially been on the market for a smart amount of time, plus they were mainly marketed for outdoor space. However, they work exceptionally well for the inside as well. This is mainly due to how beautiful and modern they appear from any and every angle in the home.

Which of these fireplaces are you most interested in? Share with us your ideas below.


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