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Invigorating Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas

No matter the season or your decorating style, having a brick fireplace can be quite useful, not only because it allows you to warm your house without having to connect anything, but it’s a beautiful element to have. You might be hesitant to paint over your natural brick fireplace, due to not wanting to ruin an authentic landmark in your home. However, fear not! Painting your fireplace can make a huge impact without taking away from the décor you already have. It can instantly become an upgrade perfectly paired with a focal point aspect. Here are some invigorating painted brick fireplace ideas to brighten your home.


For a bold appeal make it come to life with fireplace that has planks that make the room feel chic and charming.

Whether your fireplace is big or small, adding a monochromatic touch could instantly make any room come to life. Here’s the deal, you want to make the room feel fresh yet perfectly cohesive. Paint your fireplace white or black and pair it with other items in the same hues for that charming monochromatic aspect that makes the room look and feel cohesive every time. Hang artwork above it to add a shade or two of color that doesn’t remove from your monochromatic appeal.

Bright & Bold

If you really wanna have a statement piece consider pattern as the main focus.

This is the time to embrace your décor and brighten up the room. Some rooms need a little something brightening to feel fresh and new, that is where painting your fireplace a bold hue can come to life. The key is painting your mantel not your entire fireplace. When painting your mantel, you want to use a vivid hue such as yellow, orange, blue, or even green. These shades are not just brightening they’re elegant as well, giving the room a striking contrast aesthetic.


Whitewashing is perfect for a room that needs a casual take to it.

Let’s say you have an authentic brick fireplace and don’t want to change any aspect of it yet want to do something new that will instantly refresh the room- whitewash it. Better known as the German Smear, this technic is popular and suitable for those that want to keep their fireplace as authentic as possible with a hint of rustic charm. Whitewashing is essential for those that want to make the room having a vintage vibe without going overboard.


Go as bold as you want with your decor in order to make a bold appeal that enhances the room’s modern touch. Add a plank wall behind for that chic approach.

For a simplistic look that makes perfect sense in any room, its time to look at modern décor. Having a modern fireplace works perfectly for those that have a smaller space. Organizing a smaller space might not be ideal but you want to work with what you have and make the best of it. Work in a smaller fireplace and keep it minimal. A minimal aesthetic will instantly create a focal point that’s easy on the eye.


Add a wood approach to keep a charming appeal that makes sense to the room and its authentic touch.

When in doubt, of what color to paint your fireplace- use black. Black is a high contrast hue that makes any room come to life without going overboard. Furthermore, its one of those colors that is so versatile that it instantly makes sense to have. Black works great for those that want a contrasting touch, an edgy feel, or simply need something extra that will become a focus.

Go rustic

Keep it tall and bold with the ultimate rustic twist, by adding hints of chic rustic that makes sense to the room.

Rustic décor is one of those decorating styles that simply make any room feel cozy and warm. For a cozy and warm appeal to your fireplace you want to keep it as authentic as possible. Meaning you want to keep the brick exactly how it came the trick is decorating your mantel. You want your mantel to be the rustic bit that makes the room come to life. It’s almost as if this specific area will give the rest of the room purpose without looking back.

Pastel, Please

Pair your pastel with rich wood hues for a rich appeal that enlightens the room overall.

Okay so you want to add a feminine touch but don’t know how or where to do so? If that is the case, it’s time to consider the wall your fireplace is coming off of. Your fireplace tends to have a 3D touch to it, therefore, take the wall behind it and use it to display your personality. The key is working with a pastel hue and keeping the fireplace neutral. A neutral fireplace enables the pastel wallpaper to come to life seamlessly.

Take it Outside

Work in as much seating in front of your fireplace to create an appeal that is enchanting to the area yet makes the room feel chic.

Why keep the beauty of a fireplace only indoors when you can easily take it outside and warm up your outdoor space. If you have a backyard, take full advantage of it, add seating, and a large fireplace. The large statement piece is perfect for those that want to create a welcoming feel that’s chic and charming, with just a hint of cozy. Pair it with outdoor sofa chairs and you will instantly make the room come to life.

White Please

Keep the white as crisp as possible for the perfect pairing that makes the room come to life in a crisp manner

Just like black is an excellent hue to have white is as well. White is one of those shades that will brighten a room without creating a fuss or taking away from it. A simple white painted fireplace can make the room feel charming and minimal. Consider painting the brick, or only the mantel. Either or will give you the same calming aesthetic. Add a splash of color to create character and texture instantly.

Decorate Above it

Keep your decor to a minimal for a contrast that makes sense without going overboard

Let’s say you have successfully decided you will not be changing your fireplace, but you do want to add something to it, to make it come to life. If that is the case, it’s time to leave the fireplace alone and decorate above it. Decorating above your fireplace is the perfect excuse to add pictures, flowers, plants, or even one of each. It’s the perfect way to create that personal feel in your home. Sometimes we get super caught up in wanting to decorate, like the magazines we see that we forget that, it’s our home, and adding a personal touch is key.

Decorating your fireplace, is quite the adventure, especially when you want to make it as charming and distinguished as possible. Which of these ideas are you most excited about? Share with us below.


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