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House of Three Brick Boxes and Outdoor Living Rooms Between

With an inspiring piece of land and a long wish list from the clients, Spanish architects H Arquitectes had some clear directives when it came to this indoor outdoor living house plan. From the architects, “Not so many jobs begin like this one, with an owners’ list of wishes and hopes for their new home; a list much closer to the principles and values architects usually work with, often secretly, than the ordinary expectations of those couples facing this unknown challenge; lists always full of good intentions but often incomplete. This was the start – loaded with responsibility, yet an excellent start.” So, where did it go from there? This brick exterior house is injected with outdoor living rooms tucked between its trio of volumes, extending traditional living into outdoor entertaining areas. Come on it, and out, and in again. Follow us…

The separate volumes are connected by these amazing alfresco “rooms” which connect home and garden seamlessly. At the same time, they add another level of living with a totally different vibe from the indoor and outdoor areas.
We love this wall-less living room, featuring a walk-through, see-through composition offering the comforts of the indoors with the freshness of the outdoors.
The exposed brick walls, concrete block ceiling and folding glass doors give this alfresco living room a casual “front porch” feel.
Te concrete floors extend past the outdoor living room out into the gardens on either side, creating a seamless transition between architecture and nature.
Through the glass doors, the brick walls and concrete ceilings spill inside, bringing with it a rustic, casual warmth.
The kitchens opens up with its ultra-high ceilings, bright white walls and cabinets. The polished concrete floors, a weathered armoire and the knotty wood dining table add an element of “countryside” charm to the modern urban finishes.
Suspended above the dining table, we love contemporary lighting featuring dangling cords and a trio of artfully draped spotlights, all in white.
Pass from the kitchen, through the outdoor living room, and into a library on the other side, which occupies a separate volume yet remains connected by this indoor / outdoor link.
We love the chic simplicity of this inspiring reading and pondering nook, tucked off the main living areas of the home. A large picture window framed serene green scenes.
The bedroom is another restful space, featuring the roughness of the brick walls and concrete ceiling, finished in a roughly refined white paint job. A pair of long windows – or are these short doors? – lead to the garden.
Step out from the bedroom into this lush, leafy escape. A shimmering pool welcomes bare feet and bathing birds alike.
The alfresco dining area is welcoming for sunny breakfasts of big family dinners and boisterous conversations with wine and good company well into the wee hours.
The home’s three volumes and the outdoor living areas tucked between them create a “community” feel that offers social spaces and privacy alike.
The site plan, featuring the home’s three square volumes on the property.
A closer look at this trio of brick boxes.
A cross-section shows the three volumes, differing in height, connected by outdoor living rooms.
A closer look, inside and out:
H Arquitectes
photo credit: Adria Goula


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