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Home Decorated in Knotty Pine

Located in Andorra La Vella, Andorra – the 6th smallest nation in Europe – and designed by Coblonal Arquitectura, this contemporary knotty pine home was designed to create a balance between the materials used and the volumes created.

The social zone is separated from the kitchen by a central wall that houses a bench for dinning on one side and cabinets on the other. The wall is clad in horizontal knotty pine boards that offer a soft contrast to the bold graphic pattern created by the pendant lighting above the dining table.
On the other side of the wall are floor to ceiling cabinets and facing towards a kitchen island that has a second eating area on a slighter higher elevation then the prep space next to it.
The choice of a stainless steel section above the island creates an easy ceiling section to clean if the cooking gets a little messy, this is not needed on the window wall as it does not contain any cabinetry or counters.
The juxtaposition of the cold and shiny stainless steel against the warm and textural knotty pine is done with deliberate intent to create the perfect balance between natural and man-made elements.
In the social zone the living room is just next to the dining area and from there the home leads to the private section that includes a master suite and a large children’s bedroom with two sleeping zones, two work stations and a play zone.
A beautiful suspended fireplace is positioned between the living and dining areas. No hearth is require due to the use of fire safe concrete on the flooring. The fireplace can be pivoted towards either zone depending on which is being used.
A hallway runs past the master suite before arriving at the children’s bedroom that is located on the far end of the home.
The master suite continues the knotty pine aesthetic on both the ceiling and the built in headboard but replaces it on the walls with a soft ash grey that compliments the brilliant hues of the landscape perfectly.
This balance of materials is repeated in the master suite ensuite with the addition of deeper charcoal shades via the wall tiles and the trough sink.
The natural and neutral shades within the ensuite create a Zen atmosphere that resonates harmoniously with the amazing view.
Adding to the relaxing atmosphere of the ensuite is the heated towel rack. The only thing better then having one of these units is having one that is designed to be not just functional but artistic as well, and this one is certainly all that.
The children’s bathroom has the same Zen atmosphere but in a slightly moodier way. Here the only knotty pine is on the face of the vanity, otherwise its all about the greys.
The children have the same amazing towel rack as the master ensuite.
The two beds are positioned back to back with a central wall keeping the two separate and private from each other.
Playing off of the natural woodsy feel of the knotty pine is the fun twig bases on the bedside lamps.
A second wall creates a backing for each of the two work stations, offering places to plug in computers and stack books and paper work above.
The two work stations are next to their corresponding beds so when the children have friends over, the chair can be spun around towards the bed to create a private chat zone.
Just past the two study areas is the playroom and with no wall sectioning it off the space is large enough to entertain lots of friends.
The play room leaves the neutral aesthetic behind with the addition of a bold purple two person seat and a fun area rug filled with bold pops of colors. Even the light pendant embraces color.
Amongst all the color moments is the continuing theme of knotty pine on not just the walls and ceiling, but also on the wall bench and its various storage compartments.
The adults also have an office, but theirs is contained within its own room beside the kitchen.
The home office has its own private powder room located next to it. Don’t you just love the concrete sink and shelf?
Coblonal Arquitectura


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