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Poolside Living in Contemporary Seaside Home

If you live by the sea and have the room, what better floor plan could you have then a home that wraps around an outdoor pool with both indoor and outdoor living capabilities? This Southport residence has maximized the location both in the horizontal areas and in the vertical spaces. By opening up the ceilings and exposing the beam structure, the extra height keeps the dwelling feeling light and spacious. At the same time, by wrapping the home around the pool with the fourth side next to tall hedging, the backyard living experience has complete privacy. The main home actually runs the length of the pool and beyond with two side buildings creating the living spaces on either end of the pool. One end offers a covered but totally open outdoor dining experience complete with a large outdoor kitchen area for barbequing. The covered ceiling is a large open beamed configuration painted in white to keep it feeling light, however the 4 post wood support system is kept to a natural finish to bring in a slight rustic touch that is emphasized by the naturally weathered patina of the Teak Dining set.

The pool is wrapped in a narrow matte of grass and has a small wooden deck on the outdoor dining side just big enough for a couple of lounge chairs to kick back in and enjoy an afternoon sunbathing. The small deck is enclosed, along with the pool behind a fence of glass panels that offer security against small children and animals from accidentally taking a tumble into the pool.
There is just enough room to accommodate a pathway between the main residence and the grass matte that surrounds the pool.
While the concrete path is a solid surface in front of the living area of the main residence, it morphs into concrete stepping pads as is passes from that zone into a wider section of the backyard.
The path is kept solid in front of the main living zone to offer a visual continuation of the interior space once the wall of glass is opened up. The tone of the wood plank flooring is similar to that of the small deck area next to the pool, as is the colour of the large pendant over the indoor dining table. This all ties the indoor experience to the outside and the use of transparent pendants over the kitchen bar area further into the home, keeps the eye traveling outward.
The kitchen is located in the centre of the home with a hall that travels behind and around it. The cabinets are all faced in a white lacquer and the open shelving on either end of the upper cabinets is a dark wood for contrast. The island bar is wrapped in white marble slabs with a strong veining that blends harmoniously with the wood tones on the floor. Just past the kitchen is a small courtyard surrounded by glass.
Down the hall, past the courtyard is the stairwell that travels both to the lower and upper levels.
The hallway is narrower then the living space and this creates a wider section for the grass between the home and the pool.
This is where the solid concrete pathway changes into concrete pads.
Once past the stairs, the hall widens and holds a 42″ round wood table beneath a similar pendant to that over the dining table off of the kitchen.
This widening of the hallway marks the connection to the space directly across the pool from the outdoor dining space.
Here a second, more cozy living space has both a sitting and dining area. A fireplace on one wall gives everyone a great place to warm up after a late evening swim and a pair of spectacular chandeliers above the two areas creates visual interest amongst the exposed beams. A long harvest table adds the rustic touch while the fabric choices keeps it modern.
The choice of a casual coffee table in this living space keeps the feeling informal as do the two rattan chairs. Other examples of informality is the eclectic selection featured on the coffee table and the vignette of paintings and mirror leaning against the wall rather then hanging.
The back end of this casual living area is also open and when the windows are slid back, a dark stained deck continues the line of the floor to an outdoor living space.
The dining zone of this room is large. The table can hold 10 , but even though the table is a good size, it is in proportion to the space. Long built in lower cabinets on either side of the fireplace creates a buffet on one side and miscellaneous storage on the other.
The casual living section is a quiet retreat away from the hub of the main living zone, but it is easy to travel from one to the other, via both the indoor hallway and the poolside path. It is also easily accessible to or from the BBQ area which hides yet another informal seating arrangement.
Behind the BBQ is informal sitting perfect for watching TV.
The other end of this room opens up to a small picnic spot and the seaside.
The roof-line carries over the outdoor deck of the media room and here, two large candle lanterns flank the space, ready to be lit and carried while on an evening stroll.
The media room and BBQ space have a side door that travels over to the main house. Here the 4 post support detail continues on the second floor creating visual interest on an otherwise neutral façade and although the pool area offers complete privacy, this view shows just how close the neighbours are.
Outdoor seating is arranged everywhere that allows for it and not too far from the picnic table is another small table and chairs. On the second floor of the home, hidden from sight are two balconies with their own lounging areas.
All the spaces upstairs keep their connection to the outdoors with the use of large expanses of windows.
Even the Master Bedroom En-suite makes use of a window to keep the homeowner connected to the outdoors – especially when relaxing in the large soaker tub below the window. A long expanse of mirror reflects the view from the window and the vanity counter is the same marble as the kitchen island.
From the street it is misleading how large and spacious this home really is.
The choice of natural stone and wood in the entry keeps the home grounded with its surroundings. The exposed beams give visual interest and the fence delivers on privacy.
Once around the fence it becomes clearer just how large this home is
But with all of its size, each space is comfortable and cozy, and each room offers some connection to the outdoor lifestyle that seaside living requires.
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