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Concrete and Glass Home with Main Level Wood Ceiling

Located in France, the Alon House was designed by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners to be fully exposed to the stunning panoramic views of the French coast it overlooks while at the same time offering a sense of privacy from the neighbouring homes. This is all done through the use of concrete, glass and wood and these same three materials also add a visceral sense of textures that are both rough and smooth, clear and solid, warm and cool, natural and man made.

It all begins with a large concrete patio in the front that leads to a covered entryway created by the tiled roof as it slopes downward to the front of the home. The home appears to be a single storey as the lower second storey is hidden by the slope of the land.
Upon entering the home, the wall of glass seen from the patio out front reveals that this row of glazings exposes nothing more then a walkway from one end of the home to the other with a concrete wall separating it from the social zone beyond.
The hall features the same wood ceiling as the social zone as well as two floating wood display shelves that help break up the large expanse of concrete wall.
The wood shelves continue the tone and linear aspect of the wood ceiling and a small landscape picture casually leaning against the wall reflects the shades of green seen through the windows of the social zone just around the corner.
The social zone is laid out with the kitchen at one end and the living room at the other. The concrete wall in the living area houses a small and indiscreet fireplace that requires no hearth or facade other then the concrete walls and floors that surround it.
The dining zone is huge and the table within it can easily sit 10 to 12 people – ant that view, spectacular!
Aside from the view to the ocean, the curved concrete walls offer a peak to the front garden through the hallway windows as well.
Next to the dining area is the kitchen and with walls of glass on two sides, the cooking zone is an inspiring place to create.
Even though the kitchen is wrapped on two sides with glazings, there is plenty of storage space on the interior wall and prep space within the island.
The kitchen leads out to the main terrace via a pair of wood and glass doors and from the terrace a series of stone steps leads to a spectacular pool.
How much more picturesque could you possibly get then this? Whether swimming, using the spa or simply lounging on the pool deck it simply doesn’t get much better then this.
The stepping stones that lead to and from the pool create an easy access from the social zone’s terrace as well as from the private zones below.
An outdoor lounge area on the terrace is just outside the living room and from this location views of the hillside, the pool and the ocean beyond are breathtaking.

Just next to the outdoor lounge area on the side section of the terrace is an outdoor dining area. This section of the terrace is kept sheltered from the sun by the extended roofline, and even though outside, the wood cladding on the ceiling continues on both sides of the glazings for a seamless visual. This part of the terrace is accessible from the front yard via the doorway in the concrete privacy wall.

While the concrete privacy wall has a walkway through it, the terrace is still kept private by the layout of the walls.
The terrace is also the extension of the lower volume and just below the outdoor lounge area is a covered outdoor entrance to the private zones within.
Just like upstairs, this lower entry also opens to a hall and this hall features a large canvas of a family of cyclists.

The canvas is a moment of colour surrounded by the soft grey of the concrete walls, floor and ceiling.

This concrete passageway is punctuated by doors leading to the various bedrooms as well as one on the far end that opens to the landscape.
The doors to the bedrooms are wood but everything else is concrete – except for the furnishings – you can just see a bed’s wood platform peaking through the doorway.
Inside the bedroom, it comes clear that although the room is sparce in colour and furniture, it doesn’t matter because just a few feet away is that incredible pool and views of the French coastline – and at night when its time to go to sleep, the view of the stars above would be magical.
Even the ensuite has a spectacular view and easy access to its own deck.
A second bedroom also opens up to the picturesque hillside and ocean beyond. Here, the closet area is kept low so as not to interrupt the enjoyment of the views – even when dressing.
While the first bedroom had a view of the pool, this bedroom has a more private view of the hillside.
Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners
Photography by Jean-Luc Laloux


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