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Lighten Up Dinner Time With These 15 White Dining Room Tables

Metal, glass and wood, we’re used to seeing our dining room tables dipped in dark tones or shining metallics. We’re not as used to seeing them covered in lighter tones. It takes on a more casual ethos but works in spaces that need a bit of uplifting spirits. Lighten up dinner time with these 15 white dining room tables and shift the energy a bit.

We start our list off with this gorgeous marble dining room table. Modern and chic, it can really brighten a room and bring around a sophisticated vibe. For a bit of luxury, think about adding something similar to your own home.

Here’s a two-tone beauty that we can easily envision inside of a chic, modern home. White with black accents, this color pair is of the timeless sort. And this particular design works inside a variety of spaces, whether smaller or larger, it’s clean lines won’t cause a clutter or a fuss.

Pinterest gave us this cottage-inspired design as well. We love it’s light and distressed style. We also love the fact that we may be able to DIY an older piece to look similarly in quite an easy way. Instead of adding even more darkness to your home, brighten it up with a white table!

Home Designing gave us a beautiful spread to become inspired by. Not only is the space light and bright already, but it’s surrounding by contrasting pieces and designs that illuminate it even further. And that goes for this elongated, white dining room table.

Sleek Modern Furniture showcased this slick beauty and it blends perfectly into a midcentury modern feel with Swedish influence. It’s easy, it’s minimalistic and it can also be styled and personalized without any fuss. Fortunately, it’s also the right size for an entire family to sit down and share a meal at.

Check out this natural wood piece we found while scrolling through Pinterest! contrasted with some rich tones, like sapphire and dark wood, this creamy white piece pops in the center of the room. It fits well into this spacious area and provides enough sitting for the family plus.

If you’re looking for furniture pieces that offer a bit more in traditional styling, then this setup from Pinterest is right up your alley. Cozy lines with a classic design, this easy white dining room table will fit inside any family home seamlessly. Decorate it differently throughout the season and use it to welcome dinnertime every night.

Simple and clean without any fuss or clutter, check out this easy design! Made for all styles and all home, sometimes all you need is the base to get started. Shown here in minimal fashion, this table can be persuaded to become a part of any interior design genre.

But, for those that like something a bit more futuristic and artistic in quality, then check out this rounded table! With a base that screams of contemporary art and a tabletop that’s made to fit large families or those that love to entertain, it’s a beautiful and versatile piece. It’s easily contrasted with deep tones and personalized throughout the seasons as well.

This table has those same, easy clean lines of its predecessor. The difference here is the delicacy of the legs. If you want something a bit softer and with more of a feminine touch, then use this bit we found on Pinterest as inspiration.

Hither & Thither gave us an even more innovative idea. Using a built-in counter, attach a tabletop that transforms the space. Here we see a beautiful white contrasting its dark wood bottom. But again, nothing is cluttered or overwhelming, we love its neat and chic finish.

Then again, sometimes a bit more texture and personality is what you need for your home. With a bit of distressing and trendy, shabby chic styling, this large dining room table from Loloi creates a statement. It brightens and uplifts the room with its light tone but blends nicely into its vintage spirit.

Decorpad gave us another beautiful design to grab ideas from. Mixing contemporary style with a bit of romance, this two-toned piece will help lighten up our dining room just as much as a monochromatic table would. And the addition of the soft, sage green is quite a stunning choice.

Complimented by metal legs, here’s a modern table that will become another versatile home piece. Whatever chairs you’d like, fabric or patterned, they’ll all work. Fitting inside an industrial space or something more futuristic, if you want clean and slick this is the one.

And finally we end our list with another traditional piece that works for any and all family homes. You can style this to your liking, sprucing it up where it need be. Of course, keeping it easy is always a great choice as simplicity will never go out of style either.


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