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Safe Trampoline with no Springs – Springfree

Your backyard surely misses something like this Safe Trampoline from Springfree. It comes in three different sizes to cover all needs, depending on sizing, age of jumpers and maximum load capacity. You can tell it is safer than any other trampoline out there from the very first look, but what does make it so special? Springfree has carefully chosen special technologies for producing their trampoline, making it able to top even the best on the market. The risk of harming the jumpers is practically nonexistent with the rods being placed beneath the jumping surface. Unlike any other trampolines, Springfree also uses a hidden frame, soft edges and a patented net. Is a great example of a product that overpasses any technical limits to offer security and lots of fun. With all of the above, you’re sure to go for a Springfree safe trampoline in the near future.



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