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Contemporary Garden Stone Benches from Stone Forest

For a modern and classy rest in your garden, the contemporary stone benches from Stone Forest are ideal. Offering a high-end design, it may be surprising to learn that these benches are cut from large slabs of travertine. But this is the secret of their unique, minimalistic appearance. Also, by using natural stone (namely travertine), the benches offer a green approach to garden decorating and promote the fact that natural means beautiful. It’s also important that no commonly used man-made cement or cast stone were employed in the production process. The integrity of the travertine makes the final carving stand out discretely but powerful at the same time. The dimensions are 60″ L x 20″ W x 18″ H with a 3.25” thickness. The contemporary designed stone benches from Stone Forest are available in silver and beige travertine.



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