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Aluminium Sun Lounger D-Lux by Royal Botania

royal botania sun lounger d lux 1 Aluminium Sun Lounger D Lux by Royal Botania

Kick back and lounge in pure luxury with this aluminium sun lounger by Royal Botania. The aptly named D-Lux sun lounger is definitely deluxe, both in looks and in feel. Inspired by the female form, its smooth lines and modern details invite you to recline and soak up some sun. The concave and convex curves hug your body and support its natural shape so you can truly relax, all the while looking cool in an ultra-modern aluminium frame finished in a range of hot colors. Pool-side or on a sunny patio, this modern lounger makes a great addition to your outdoors. The D-Lux aluminum sun lounger measures 197 L by 75 D by 27 H. For more details visit Royal Botania.

royal botania sun lounger d lux 4 Aluminium Sun Lounger D Lux by Royal Botania



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