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DIY Rocking Chair Made from Recycled Barrels

This rustic recycled barrel rocking horse chair is made by Sestini and Corti of Italy. But you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost — it’s not complicated! The aged wood from reclaimed wine barrels has a fantastic patina – and there’s something utterly romantic about whiling away the summer hours in one of these. It can function as a chair for two or you can stretch out in it if you’re relaxing alone. Reclaiming old abandoned objects and turning them into unique pieces of furniture is a great way to create a family heirloom – with a built-in story to tell. At Sestini and Corti, they used an old block & tackle to suspend the chair – you could use an aged chain or anything else that looks rustic and has the strength required, depending on your budget. (Look at flea markets for an old block and tackle if you’ve got time.) And it’s a super simple project, you should be able to do it in a single weekend. By Sunday evening, you can be enjoying your one-of-a-kind Italian designer-inspired wine barrel rocking chair.

A couple of big pillows in natural material makes this wine barrel rocking chair look even more appealing. The rich hues of the curved wooden planks are soaked in the history of their use – aged to perfection along with its contents. Don’t forget to seal the wood so you don’t lose that patina over time.
This installation shows how you can use an ‘S’ hook with a heavy chain to suspend your chair. And in the right kind of setting (maybe a loft with cement floors?), you could even move this charming piece indoors. Wherever you use it, this unique chair is sure to delight for generations to come.
More information: Setini & Corti


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