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This Hammock Chair is a Bohemian Must Have: by Philip Cooper at Bohorockers


Bohorockers, a company known for its hand-crafted appeal, is putting its signature style into full swing with this bohemian rocking chair. Best described by designer Philip Cooper, the Bohorocker Siesta Chair is “A cocoon of calm, swinging in your space.”
The unique shape of the swing seat comes by using different lengths of rope to form the hammock that nestles you softly. Twelve sausage cushions cradle you in complete comfort, while an integrated leg extension lets you stretch out. A freestanding support solves the “Where can I hang this?” problem. Call it your traditional hammock makeover. Not your typical rocker, this versatile design offers a variety of styles, from hanging and rocking to rotating, from boho chic to ultimate luxury, for indoors and out.
These swinging chairs come in casual weather-resistant fabrics perfect for use indoors and out.
If you’re looking to up the opulence ante, these rocking chairs are also available in luxurious faux fur materials. The Bohorocker Siesta Chair is the perfect complement to your bedroom, living room or verandah, rooftop patio, in the garden or pool-side. The fabrics are all high-quality cotton, durable, washable and stain-resistant.
It all started in 2000, when Philip Cooper (pictured above) started his search online for a funky, different hammock offering the comfort of the big Mexican net hammock with the practical size of the chair hammock. “I dreamed of using my laptop while swinging in a hammock hung from a beam in my living room.” Philip’s fruitless search inspired him to create his own. No stranger to the sewing room, (Philip is also the maker of Turkoman yurts) Philip’s first hammocks were snapped up in a hurry. Twelve years later, he has finally come up with the perfect combination of parts: “adding the 12 sausage cushions that gives shape and form, endlessly changing the string lengths and pole diameter to create the perfect shape for the body and inventing the integrated leg extension so one can sit or fully stretch out,” he says. Ultimately, Philip’s wish is simple: “May all who sit be happy.” In these hotseats, that is pretty much a guarantee.
For more information, visit Bohorockers.


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