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Upholstered Rattan Bench by Dolcefarniente

Ethuil is a bench like no other. With its intricate network of curved rattan joint wrapped with wicker, presenting an image of the veins within a Dentate leaf (toothed edge), the Ethuil bench is an example of what manual manipulation can create within the composition of one material and one colour. The addition of the upholstered seat is almost secondary to the stunning array of vertical pattern.

With today’s trend of adding a bench to a dining room table, what better way to create a focal point then using the Ethuil bench? Placed within a wall niche the leaf image seems replaced by that of a displaying peacock’s tail feathers.
The negative pattern plays as integral a part as the positive pattern and the lacy effect of both combined are contrasted playfully against the linear lines of the seat upholstery.
With a back view as stunning as this the Ethuil bench is just as dramatic positioned within the centre of a room as it is up against a wall.
While the white rattan was bold against a dark backdrop, the natural rattan is just as dramatic against a pale wall colour and with the addition of the pale upholstery the eye travels only to the leaf pattern. Stunning.
Whether natural rattan and wicker, black or white and whether solid or patterned upholstery, the Ethuil is an awesome study of manipulated shape and a masterpiece of manual workmanship.


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