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Woven Rawhide Bedroom by McGuire Designs – new woven furniture trends

The Antalya Bedroom by McGuire Designs is spot-on the hot current trend for woven furniture. Both luxurious and serene, the woven rawhide is a natural alternative to wood that embraces the spirit of nature. The impressive and precise woven pattern is honed with the skill of the craftsman and the vision of the artist… the headboard and footboard together create a balanced visual orchestration. A range of rich finishes are available: from the smouldering ‘Black Bamboo Tobacco’ and ‘Dark Tobacco’ to the light ‘Ritz’, ‘Pecan’, ‘Tobacco’ and ‘Honey Smoke’. The grey ‘Slate’ finish completes the range with something a little different. Complete the look with the Antalya Bench – ‘a modern interpretation of early Egyptian seating’. Its geometric look is comprised of persuasive lines and softened with the attractive laced pattern of the woven rawhide material. Go beyond the practical with the Antalya Bedroom by McGuire Designs
If you like woven indoor furniture, then take a peek at the colorful indoor woven chair by Paola Lenti.


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