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Wall Suspended Stove from Stuv – new 30-up Belgian stove

A compact but powerful choice, the new 30-up Belgian stove is a wonderful wall suspended stove from Stuv. Designed for those short of space, the 30-up stove offers heating power that means the smaller size is certainly no compromise. Options abound… there are three doors to provide three functions… so you can enjoy an open fire, a glass-door fire mode, or experience a high-performance stove with the door closed. The wall-suspended stove will save space, and the attractive traditional flue adds an extra aesthetic dimension. The strong, clean lines of the classic black 30-up fireplace are sophisticated and elegant. Clever systems within the 30-up ensures that the glass stays clear, and additionally, the anti-draughtback device adds safety (for when the stove is used as an open fire). To create a cozy condition with the new 30-up Belgian stove, contact Stuv.


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