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The Best Curtains To Enhance Your Bedroom

Whether you love them or you happen to hate them curtains are an excellent addition to a bedroom, not only do they conceal the light from outside but they have the ability to bring a room together seamlessly. Keeping that in mind, it is inevitable to add curtains to your bedroom or any room of your home; therefore, you want to do it the right way. While there isn’t exactly a right or wrong way to decorate with your personal style, there is a way to enhance a bedroom with curtains, and we share with you how to do just that.

Simple Neutral

Whether you choose to use a light shade of nude or a darker shade of neutral the options ate endless. The idea is to have your neutral curtains match the rest of your decor for a cohesive appeal.

Neutral curtains could be exactly what your bedroom needs. They’re easy to incorporate while still giving the room a cozy, almost rustic appeal. Add them in for a minimal touch that brings a hint of beauty along the way. Consider long drapes for this look as they make a bold appearance while still being easy on the eye.

Bring on the Pattern

Whether you decide to use a colorful pattern or a neutral one is up to you. We love the idea of a beautiful pattern that matches with your throw pillows creates a seamless appeal.

Do not be afraid of adding pattern. Pattern is one of the most versatile designing element you can use. It brings a room back to life while making a rich statement on its very own. The idea is to bring a pattern that makes sense with the room, that means taking into consideration the colors you’re already using. Doing so will bring your entire décor together without taking away from it.

Contrasting Effect

The idea of having a contrasting effect is perfect for those that already have a wallpaper set up. The wallpaper paired with a daring curtain brings forth that contrasting effect that brightens the space.

If you have a patterned wall already, pair it with a contrasting patterned curtain. The two patterns put together will create a beautiful display that is modern and chic. Furthermore, you want to stay in the same color family for a harmonious appeal. Consider two patterns that appear similar yet have a stark difference between them.


Antique curtains are the perfect addition to any room that needs a touch of traditional with added texture and appeal.

Have you always loved the vintage/antique feel? Well if you do it might be time to incorporate it into your decor by adding antique curtains. Antique curtains have so much character they stand on their very own without missing a beat. So much so, that you can use multiple patterns, color, hues or even a blend of them all together for that antique feel that takes you back to when you would visit your grandmother’s home.

Matchy- Matchy

However, you decide to create a matchy matchy effect is up to you, but you want to make sure you have a balance that breaks down the matchy feel and gives you an elegant twist.

If you aren’t too fond of having multiple colors or patterns in a room, go for a matching effect, this means working with the colors you already have and having them be the main focus of the entire room. Select one color and match it from wall-to-wall including your windows, this is perfect for a smaller room that you want to make them feel larger.


If you have a corner in your bedroom that needs a bit of “something” add a layered curtain look to bring texture that is multi-functional.

Many windows have only one window treatment and that’s okay; however, if you want to add an extra dose of warmth layering your curtains in the way to go. Not only does it add dimension to the room, but it’s a great way to manage how much air and light is coming into the room. Select using two curtains in similar colors or two contrasting ones you might even want to use a set of blinds underneath.

Curtain Pulls

When it comes to opening your curtains having a pull on the side makes it extremely easy. Plus it allows you to add an additional piece of decor to your bedroom.

Whichever curtain idea you will be executed in your home, do not forget the curtain pulls. Curtain pulls are back in style and in a big way. If you do not want to reach out of your comfort zone with your curtains having a curtain pull in a vivid color or chic texture is the way to go. You might even want to consider a crystal knob for an elegant, feminine take.

Floral Touch

Floral curtains are perfect for those that want to add a feminine touch in the rooom without adding new decor that takes away from your overall aesthetics.

While most of us are experiencing a crispy fall, many are still enjoying summer and others want to keep the summer vibes alive. If that is the case, adding a floral touch is the way to go. Floral print has been quite the trend this year, and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon. In fact, we can rest a sure floral will be a part of next year’s trend as well. Add curtains that have a natural floral print or consider ones with floral print at the bottom.


Whether you can feel the texture or you can see it, having a textured curtain is an excellent option when you want to add character in a simple manner.

Not all curtains are simple some of them come with texture and those are the ones you want. Having textured curtains are great when you want to enhance a room without taking away from it. Whether the curtains have texture on the bottom or the top the option is up to you.

Go big or Go home

 If color is not a part of your decor yet you want to add hints here and there have a layered curtain display with the neutral bit as the main display and the colorful one as the secondary color.

Bring on the color! No better way to go big or go home than to bring on the color. Add bright vivid curtains to your room, and allow them to be the statement of the space. Making that classic statement will bring a daring touch that captivates the bedroom without taking away from your décor.

The bedroom is one of those places where you go to unwind why not make it your favorite space in your home? Please share with us your ideas below.


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