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Stunning Bathroom Designs with Modern Italian Tile

Tile is normally used as a backdrop in bathrooms for its practicality and durability. However, the following three bathroom designs incorporate modern Italian tile as an eye-catching accessory and focal point to the room. Above, the ABK design incorporates a rose pattern into the tiling as visual art. Twin vanities, chandeliers and upholstered Victorian chair continue the romantic and classy atmosphere created by the tile.
The turquoise tiling by Naxos is set in horizontal lines of varying thickness and perfectly highlights the large open-concept shower. Its appeal is quite contemporary with its color choice, as well as with the added Italian shower fixture that reminds us of a music note against the horizontal lines.
Pink is back for bathrooms. The third example, by Acif, is playful in its confetti tile design, which adds movement to the room. The pink accentuates the crisp white soaking tub, and modern fixtures; however, it remains the core of the room and worthy of the added spotlights.


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