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Top 15 Patchwork Tile Backsplash Designs for Kitchen

Patchwork tiles are taking the home decor world by storm, and backsplash is the first place people think of when remodeling, where to use patterned tiles to add character to a kitchen. We’ve picked the top 15 backsplash designs available on the market today. Amazingly, some of these mix and match patterns are already quite famous in Europe but in the US no one knows about them. There are some beautiful, fun patchwork tiles out there for every taste and style, from modern to retro, from bright to monochrome, from Moroccan to country and everything in between, and we wanted to bring them to your attention. Read on for ideas and sources.

Cool, colorful and modern patchwork tiles by Purpura are wanted everywhere. Here’s a
kitchen backsplash made of handmade cement tile. Check out their many patterns.
Another Purpura installation for a kitchen backsplash, with a lighter tone patchwork. Notice how on both images a few black patterns included to match countertop and appliances. A very modern look which is extremely popular in Poland now where Purpura is located.
Purpura’s customizable mix and match patterns are so versatile that many patchwork designs are possible. Just look at these four (above) we were able to create using their awesome Bespoke tool that lets you design your own online.

This unusual patchwork design idea for a backsplash comes from a classic kitchen in a townhouse in Copenhagen, photographed by Kristian Septimius Krogh. The eye-catching tiles add touches of color to otherwise all white and simple kitchen. You can get them shipped worldwide from ArtTiles, an artistic studio in Denmark where all tiles are handmade by artists Trine Galschiot and Anette Normark. They only make 50 of each design before they change it, so their tiles can be different with every purchase. You can pick patterns very similar to the ones on the photo from these several collections below.
Wish the Scandinavian influence on design, each porcelain tile is uniquely decorated by hand with colored glazes and never has quite the same expression. I just love their collection names: “Color me blind“, “Color me softly“, “Royal Pain in the a..“. And there are many more, all unique, fun and funky, and frankly stunning – all wonderful patchwork designs created specifically with a bigger backsplash effect in mind.

A classic encaustic patchwork (in blue dominant) from the Pacific Collection by Cement Tile Shop, based in Florida. What a wonderful collection, would be a perfect choice for me. Love the patterns and the cement tile look.
Check out their inspirational photos.
If you’re based in Europe, then you can purchase similar if not the same encaustic tile at Cementtiles.com, which is a tradename of Azule BV based in The Netherlands, with showrooms there and in Germany.

Batik patchwork tiles (above), available from Topps, are hot in the UK. And I can see why – these are very easy going patterns that can fit any style, anywhere. Made in Italy, these versatile ceramic tiles come in five beautiful colors, each with five decorative styles, and there are plain ones if you want to add them to the mix. Your mix and match idea could be accomplished with ease as it’s hard to go wrong when both patterns and colors are quite neutral.
What I really like about the Batik collection is that you can just go with one color and mix the patterns only or do an opposite – mix the colors in one pattern only, or go all the way and mix colors and patterns. Either way, make sure to purchase equal quantities of designs and colors, for best patchwork look.
Batik patchwork patterns in red, blue, green and beige. A kitchen splashback would look beautiful in these pastel colors.

And now onto something very different but equally as beautiful … a patchwork backsplash design that fits perfectly in a country style kitchen. The patterned tiles are from the Homestead collection by Artistic Tile, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey and with showrooms nationwide.
Country style kitchen backsplash in green patchwork patterns.
The 12″ x 12″ ceramic tiles (1/4″ thick) from Artistic Tile feature blue matte, red matte and green matte finish. The colors are stonewashed for a real country feel.

A modern, monochrome patchwork tile backsplash for a modern kitchen, by an Italian company Fogazza. The tiles are from the Millennium Verde collection, and are hand-crafted ceramic tiles with the original patterns inspired by Palermo’s noble sitting rooms of the early twentieth century, thus the Victorian look.
A similarly patterned tile backsplash in yellow tones.

A very unusual kitchen backsplash design using tiles from the Almira collection by Pavigres Ceramicas. It has an appearance of a patchwork mix and match pattern but actually is one long tile format, with beautiful flowery designs imitating separate tiles. The overall look of this backsplash is so gentle and fresh, it’s stunning. And totally modern.
A long tile format of 7.76″ x 23.5″ from Pavigres Ceramicas.

Here’s another very unexpected design for a backsplash. Almost rustic, more of a Scandinavian style monochrome patchwork patterns in multiple shades of grey, by an Italian company Ricchetti. Part of their Res Cover collection, these are porcelain enameled tiles.

A delightful patchwork effect on a blue and white backsplash from Odyssey range’s Blue Tapestry Collection by Original Style.
Blue mix and match patterns on a brilliant white background.

Colorful backsplash in European style patchwork from Aranda collection by Vives Ceramica.
A splashback for an English style kitchen.

These ceramic tiles come with up to 30 different designs in the same box.

A white and blue patchwork design from the World Parks collection by Vives Ceramica.
Some of the available patchwork designs for the above ceramic tile collection.

Maybe one of the easiest ways to add a patchwork backsplash to your kitchen wall – Envy’s Aziz Wall Tiles in Moroccan Arabesque design that you can source from Walls and Floors. They come in 5 predefined sets with eye-catching patterns.
Each 610x310mm large tile fits 6 different patterns.

An interesting backsplash idea for a black kitchen – a grey and white patchwork in Ted Baker GeoTile porcelain tiles. You can source it here.
These Victorian / Edwardian style multi pattern tiles come with 24 pieces per box with 2 of each pattern per box.

A backsplash made in Parian tiles from House of British Ceramic Tile.
These bright porcelain patchwork tiles come in monochrome grey and colored.

An earthenware tile cement style, in predominantly blue Antic patterns on a kitchen backslash.

We really like these beautiful patchworks with unusual whimsical patterns looking like they were drawn by hand. Each 25x50cm format boasts 8 small 12.5×12.5cm tiles, available in 3 different mix and match combinations.

Please note: this selection is the first one in the patchwork series. Stay tuned for more as we’ll be covering patchwork designs for bathrooms, floors, walls and outdoors. Meanwhile, for more ideas, check out the Top 10 Tile Trends for Bathroom for 2015 and Modern Tile Options for Floors and Walls.


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