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Top 10 Tile Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom for 2015

We’ve identified top 10 modern tile design ideas for bathrooms that are trending right now. If you’re currently remodeling or planning to soon and need to make decisions about your bathroom design, you’ll find this article handy.

Reflective Tiles are Trendy

Now this is a beautiful tile idea. Reflective walls make the bathroom look bigger and brighter, even with the dark tile, and the overall look is really glamor. Archello.

Ocean Color Tiles are Hot

Tiles in turquoise, aqua, seafoam or blue green (whichever name you prefer) would work. Here’s another bathroom design with reflective tile but this time it’s turquoise. It produces a very festive look. Archello.
Turquoise tiles make this tiny bathroom look awesome. It makes you want to go for a swim, and a pool is right outside. Notice how the color of the water in the pool is matching the color of the tile. Photos: Ricardo Oliveira Alves
These blue green ‘fish scale’ tiles with the ocean motif are definitely in. Style-files.

Your Artistic Ideas Expressed in Tile

Designed by Marcel Wanders, even a bathroom is an art creation in this patterned and textured space. The tiny tile mosaics let you create art on walls but such designs need to be meticulously planned and most likely purchased with the pictorial layout already pre-arranged.

Bright Tile Colors for Bold Designs

Love the bright red tile and the beautiful accent it adds to the bathroom. Red works perfectly with natural wood color. Taking a relaxing hot shower after a long day of work never looked better. You got to be brave to go with this idea, it’s not for everyone. Most people prefer subtle colors in the bathroom. Still, we’re seeing more and more of this type of bold statements in modern homes. Balance Associates Architects.

Make Dramatic Statement with Monochromatic Tile Designs

Opposite to bright is black and white monochromatic design ideas. For a modern urban European look, go with just black or just white subway tiles or even a combination of the two colors. Here’s a few ideas that really deserve your attention.
More beautiful tile ideas that add visual interest to your bathroom floor. A more striking effect is achieved when tile colors are NOT coordinated with the overall decor.
Image via Apartment Therapy.


Image via From Moon To Moon.

Horizontal Tile Designs Are All the Rave

What if you take subway tiles and stretch them long and skinny – you get a very different idea that actually works great for small bathrooms. Such elongated horizontal tile pattern is quite trendy these days. Even Home Depot carries similar tile now. It makes room look wider. And with the small space living becoming more common, the horizontal designs are getting handy.

For small bathrooms, horizontal layout can be a key feature to get the design right. Image by Stagetecture.

Finishing Shower Niche with Different Tile is the Trendiest Idea Today

When doing remodeling, adding a built-in niche to your shower is probably the easiest way to make your bathroom more appealing and more useful. The idea of using a different tile for a niche is what’s really in fashion now, and it does make it cool. The trick is to get the right tile color/design combination that coordinates well with the rest. Here are three examples where it was achieved.
Left image: light green is always relaxing. Right image: the same natural stone tile but in different design.
Images via Bright Bold Beautiful.
Cheerful Moroccan style tile brakes the pattern of boring subway tiles, creating a soothing visual experience.
Via My Design Chic

Moroccan Style Tiles is One of the Top Trends Right Now

We’ve noticed a non-stop interest in Moroccan inspired tiles. They come in different materials and pattern variations. This particular arabesque tile design in painted glass has been in real demand. People appear to be obsessed with it.
And here’s more of arabesque tiles, real pretty. Images via Apartment Therapy and DigsDigs.
arabesque-tile-in-light- turquoise.jpg

Wood Looking Tiles is Another Top Trend Now

Wood look offered in unscratchable, no maintenance ceramic – what can be better. Here are some coolest ideas. These tiles deserve a separate article, and we’ll be compiling it shortly. Stay tuned.


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