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21 Arabesque Tile Ideas for Floor, Wall and Backsplash

We’ve just discovered these fantastic Arabesque tiles with so much potential for floor, wall and backsplash ideas. Just think of all the mix and match designs you could create. They are for the most part subtle and meant to compliment rather than command. It’s when you get to the fine detail of the cut – particularly when paired with the patchwork patterns – that you start to realize the level of design involved in this arabesque shaped tile. Do you see a bathroom, kitchen or living room in your home with any of these 21 creative tile ideas?
The Provenzal Compo tile above from Natucer is available in patterned blues – the perfect way to delineate a space using these arabesque tiles on the wall.

From Equipe Ceramicas – the new Curvytile Collection is like a magic carpet ride (above).
arabesque-tile-kitchen backsplash-natucer-3.jpg
The Provenzal in green and white – the perfect pattern for a kitchen backsplash and a great tile idea for the wall. Source
Also see patchwork tile backsplash ideas.
Speaking of kitchens, this half floor of terra cotta matched with a patchwork tile pattern in these arabesque shapes is really stunning, isn’t it? It makes for much more interesting merging patterns than square tiles. Source
These arabesque tiles are bold, earthy hues – and once again, we see great use of varying floor tiles for room delineation. Source
Aren’t the shapes of these tiles just incredible? Do you see why we call them Arabesque tiles? Really, the sky is the limit in decorating with this kind of tile. Source
And why not arabesque up the wall, too? These tiles are subtle, and interesting. A great choice for eye level. Source
Doesn’t the floor just make this bathroom marvelous? And the all grey theme – startled, almost, by the golden mirror frames. And then there’s Old Blue Eyes. This bathroom is a fantastic design, and it all starts with the Arabesque floor tiles once again. Source
More shades of grey in the Arabesque tiles – this combo is perfect for the modern kitchen. Source
This pattern is much more ornate and complicated. And again, notice how the shape of the Arabesque tiles for the floor makes the design that much more interesting. Source
With their ornate design, these floor tiles look like carpets – the desired effect. Source
This bathroom is oh-so-Zen, and again – do note how the floor tiles are used as delineators, a platform for the sinks in this case. Looking at all these patterns and styles gives us so many ideas. Source
This office floor is extremely subtle, but notice the almost illusory lines drawn by the arabesque shapes. You could even use these quite successfully as wall tiles – they aren’t too demanding of the space. Source
We love these patterned floor tiles – they put us in mind of Paris! Source
The pattern on these tiles (above) are a great mix-and-match. It’s an interesting idea, one that works. Source
Using these floor tiles to delineate space makes so much sense, and creates a faux carpet – with arabesque edges. A fantastic idea! Source
Arabesque tile goes patchwork pattern – and we love it. Source
This floor tile design needs to be seen from above to appreciate the fantastic patterns it creates. Source
These grey patterned arabesque tiles fit perfectly well into an industrial-look office. Source
Terra Cotta is always a good choice – and that goes for these arabesque floor tiles too! Source
This simple tile pattern makes a living room so much more inviting. Source

For more arabesque shaped tile ideas check out this Moroccan style glass tile.


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