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New Kitchen Designs by Ernestomeda – Carre kitchens

Ernestomeda presents some cool new kitchen designs, by Marc Sadler. After three years of collaboration between the designer and the Italian kitchen company, Carre kitchens came to be. This avant-garde kitchen design is as versatile as it is beautiful and durable – three essentials for the modern household. And obviously, style doesn’t play second fiddle. We love the clean, contemporary lines and the sleek finishes that characterize these kitchens. Cabinet handles are integrated into the design, leaving a minimalist look that is simple and elegant. The island and built-in kitchen table offer plenty of extra surface for food preparation, dining and entertaining – imagine cooking up a feast as your guests sit and watch while chatting and sipping their cocktails. If you love to entertain, or just appreciate gorgeous contemporary design, the Carre kitchen is for you! Check it out at Ernestomeda.


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