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Modern European Kitchens – the 7 trendy kitchen designs from Ernestomeda, Italy

Europeans take their kitchens seriously, and for the highlights of today’s most fabulous kitchen trends we need only look at Ernestomeda’s broad range of kitchens. A youthful Italian kitchen firm, Ernestomeda bring innovation, quality and style into their kitchens. They are at the forefront of design with their use of colour, dramatic lighting, frosted glass cabinets and free-standing units, as well as fabulous new materials. With such a broad range of styles and trends there is literally something wonderful for everyone.
Verve kitchen design
Recently we’ve seen a dynamic trend for frosted glass cabinets. With dramatic back lighting they bring an atmosphere that influences the whole kitchen. The Verve kitchen makes fabulous use of this frosted glass in its tall cabinets.
With full length folding glass doors, the Verve has large expanses of hazy glass that reveals hints of the contents. The internal cabinet lights add a striking ethereal touch. The aluminium trim compliments the glossy frameless lacquered doors in a lovely dove-grey. Ernestomeda combine this with a brightly back-lit pantry that again uses light to expand the perceived space. Light and airy, the Verve kitchen feels open and spacious. The light colours and theatrical lighting create a peaceful kitchen that is far from dull.
Supreme kitchen design
The Supreme kitchen also uses frosted glass cabinets, but in a much more traditional style. The Supreme combines modern light features and its more traditional wood cabinets to create transitional modern design. Sophisticated white-ash frames the back-lit frosted glass doors; the ethereal haze of shapes provides a vitality and life.
Continuing the striking lighting, the Supreme features the KWC Eve faucet. A fabulous arching faucet, the Eve uses LEDs to illuminate the rushing water and makes a dramatic accent.
The Supreme embraces a fabulous new material in its Silestone countertop. Developed in 1990, Silestone is a Quartz surface that offers the beauty and shimmer of natural stone with better durability and less maintenance. The Supreme uses the Silestone for a light bright counter and matching backsplash. The cold heft of traditional stone, Silestone offers luxury without the work. It is a perfect example of the explorative trend for finding new innovative materials to enhance the modern kitchen.
Flute kitchen design
The Flute kitchen offers a relaxed yet serious European kitchen. The Flute uses frosted glass in its warm cherry frame doors, but leaves them natural and shadowy. The warm ruddy wood is then paired with a smooth stainless-steel worktops and cabinets with frameless doors. The mix of free-standing and built in units can be likened to historical manor house kitchens, versatile and functional. The full length cabinets offer a plethora of storage space, while the steel work stations are easy to clean and wonderfully functional. A distinctive mix of modern and traditional materials makes the Flute kitchen a warm inviting Italian kitchen.
Silverbox kitchen design
The Silverbox kitchen uses a bright blue glass as vivid accent, but also displays the trendy stave pattern we’ve been seeing more of. The Silverbox uses the strong horizontal element to expand the kitchen and provide a uniform character. The aluminium stave doors provide a fantastic texture over which shadows richly play.
The striped metal kitchen is modern and sleek. The kitchen island is topped with laminate work surface, and hanging above is a counter length extractor edged in electric blue glass. The glass detailing continues in the island sink backsplash. By mixing materials and textures the Silverbox presents a modern European kitchen.
Fusion kitchen design
The Fusion exemplifies another trend of late, dark and bold colours. The wooden cabinet doors are made from a warm grey oak, which adds a surprising amount of colour to the room. The dark colour adds mystery and an essence of privacy. Simple and serene the Fusion uses colour to create a sanctuary in your kitchen.
As the perfect accent, Ernestomeda use a fabulously trendy stainless steel countertop to shine and highlight the dark cabinets. To provide a seamless one-piece surface, the steel is custom wielded and includes inset sinks and hobs. The seamless surface offers a visual perfection that makes a kitchen feel like a decadent luxury. Our dramatic glass lighting has not been forgotten though, and can be seen in the over sink shelving. With internal lighting the shelves not only serve as a light source, but light up the objects on the shelves. The striking light turns even everyday items into objects d’art.
Seventy kitchen design
For bold bright colours you can get much better than the trendy lipstick red. The Seventy design is vibrant and lively. The laminate countertop offers the vivid red so hard to find in other materials, while providing a practical hard wearing surface. The bright colour on smooth frameless laminate doors produces a dynamic graphic style.
Aluminium accents on door edges and the long shining backsplash add a modern sparkle. Recently more free-standing kitchen cabinets have been used in contemporary kitchens, and in the Seventy kitchen they bring an essence of activity and life.
Solaris kitchen worktop design
The Solaris worktop uses several current trends to push the boundaries of our imagination. Integral to the design is DuPont’s new Corian material. Corian is a gorgeous solid surface that can be cast, carved or moulded to create the most innovative forms. In the Solaris the Corian is use to create a smooth streamlined worktop with an integral backsplash with a distinctive folded profile.
A single seamless piece, the Corian smoothly flows creating an integral sink. By using new technology Erestomeda have created a luxurious modern kitchen worktop unachievable in other materials. Supported by thin spindly legs, the Solaris is a dramatic futuristic design. The faucet adds industrial detail with the trendy spray head, while the pipe protection offers a robotic like spine detail where it meets the floor. With intricate metal details and a free flowing solid surface, Solaris takes today’s trends and moves forward. Ernestomeda offer the hottest European trends and bring them to you in a style that suits your life.


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