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Kitchen Automation – Remote Controlled Kitchen Island Design

If you love the clean, clear look of a minimalist kitchen you’ll adore the Cover kitchen island design from Ernestomeda. Automation makes it all possible – a motor opens and closes the worktop so that when it isn’t in use it can be quickly and easily tucked away. A secure and fully updated system controls the opening and closing functions with a microprocessor, allowing closure only in the absence of objects and people. The smart mixer tap is remote controlled and pops up as the cover is raised, fitting neatly away as the cover closes. So, all you need to worry about is what’s for dinner! The bench is of natural American walnut with a gorgeous vertical grain. Doors are glass, aluminium and walnut. The divider slides into place to cover a breathtaking stainless steel kitchen sink and food preparation area. A kitchen of the future, available now, the ‘Cover’ is an automated kitchen island from Ernestomeda.



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