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Sleek Minimal Living Room Decor Ideas That Scream Elegance

Besides the kitchen, the living room is one of the most used rooms in a home. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be the most “decorated” space. In fact, a minimally decorated living room could be exactly what your home needs to feel grander and more put together. While others might not consider minimal décor elegant, we think the complete opposite! A minimal living room can scream elegance in a unique way. Let us guide you towards creating a sleek, minimal living room that screams elegance from the moment you enter the space.

Views & More Views

For that special focus on your view focus on having an open floor plan. Doing so brings you the satisfaction of having a grand view while still having that open feel to the room.

If you have a view, do not think about it twice and emphasize your décor around it. You really want to add depth to the room by having your décor mainly surround your windows and view area. Consider leaving the windows, plain and simple to ensure everyone who walks into the room focuses on the view.

One Hue

If you decide to use a neutral hue such as gray- use as many different hues of gray as possible for easy to digest contrast.

Contrary to popular belief minimal does not mean “boring” it simply means you only have exactly what you need in the room. Which is where a one hue decorative appeal will come in handy. The idea is to have one color flow throughout the space; however, in order to add dimension, you could go for different variations of the same hue.

Smaller Coffee Table

When selecting your coffee table, it’s all about the sizing contrast. The bigger the couch appears the lower your table should be, this creates that modern yet elegant touch.

A smaller coffee table is a great idea when you want to keep it minimal yet bring a unique size scale contrast. What this means is you keep your sofa and other decorative furniture true to size, but you have a smaller scale coffee table to offset what you have. This is an excellent way of bringing a Japanese inspired aesthetic.

Velvet Chairs

If you really want to take your decor up a notch go for bright velvet chairs. Having this feature enhances the room but still has that minimalist appeal.

Yes, to velvet and yes to texture in the room. Texture is a bit difficult to add when you want to keep your décor minimal and sleek; however, when you go for an elegant approach velvet chairs are one of the best ways to go. They are minimal yet fun and beautiful to look at- stick to lighter hues or neutrals for a seamless flow.


Pops of yellow can be incorporated easily with a few throw pillows, blankets or even an accent wall.

Who doesn’t love a good pop of color? We sure do! And we love the color yellow even more. Bring a yellow hue to your living room and allow it to make a bold statement on a smaller scale. The smaller scale approach allows the room to feel grand and modern, but it does not take away from what you already have.

Pattern Chair

When seeking a pattern we love the idea of stripes. Stripes are great due to how they elongate the room in a seamless manner.

Pattern is one of those personal items that most of us love, but are a bit afraid of. With that being said, a bold yet soft patterned chair can bring your entire living room back to life in a smaller scale manner that feels minimal yet grand all at once. While it might sound like a paradox, it’s really just a fun way of adding something new to “spice” up the room.

Plank Floors

The larger your planks are the wider the room will appear, this is great when you want to bring something new to the room.

Plank floors are one of the most underrated floor types, there is, they truly do not get the full create they deserve. We love them as they allow the room to flow and come back to life due to how crisp and sleek they can be. Add in lighter planks for a beautiful new open space feel.

Cozy Seating

An L shaped sofa, is something you might want to consider when you are seeking that cozy feel in the living room.

What is a living room really without cozy seats? The entire point of a living room is having the ability to sit and relax after a long day. Therefore, it makes sense to have cozy seats that bring the room back to life. Consider having a more laidback touch to the room.

Keep it Rustic

Keep the room with dark hues for that calm, rustic feel that expands throughout the room.

There are so many benefits to rustic décor, including how simple yet warm it can be. Which is why it is such a great idea to have rustic décor when you want to work with a minimal theme. Add wood on a grand scale for a beautiful contrast, you might want to consider different hues of wood as well.


If you are going dark consider rich hues that flow throughout the room. Remember, you don’t always have to use black.

Sometimes dark décor could be exactly what a room needs. We love the idea of a dark room that helps the room come back to life with little to no additional décor. Contemplate adding in lighter bits throughout to break down all the newly rich and dark decorative pieces.

Sleek living rooms are on trend how are you keeping your living room up to date? Share with us in the comments below.


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