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Small Writing Desks for Small Spaces – modern writing tables by Sabinoaprile

With gorgeous writing desks like these, by Sabinoaprile, you’ll be itching to get to work! The Ribalta desk design is a modern writing table ideal for small spaces and luxury homes where it’s not about quantity, but quality. This compact corner desk is made and hand-assembled, featuring a fine wood top with full-grain leather, lacquered or natural wood finish, and a base of mirror-polished stainless steel. When opened this small writing desk measures 97 cm by 63.5 cm, and 85.5 cm high; when closed it measures just 97 by 41 cm. Another cool desk design is the Barcellona, with elegant crossed chrome legs topped by a delicately padded, crocodile-embossed leather tabletop. A side drawer is perfect for stashing your pens, files and phone. This modern desk measures 135 by 70 cm, and 73 cm high. Check out these writing desks by visiting Sabinoaprile.



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