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Funky Home Office Desks by Steuart Padwick


Since its launch in 2009, the Steuart Padwick brand has known a great deal of success across the UK, Europe and United States. The design company specializes in furniture, lighting and product design. The home office desks collection offers a varied and funky choice of desks. The Belly desk (above) is a fun piece that takes its name from the shape of the top, which curves at the bottom to grow a “belly” that contains a drawer. This shape finds a perfect balance on the tapered oak legs that come in clear lacquer finish. The top can be painted in any funky color and will bring joy and smiles to your home office.


The Hover desk is called so because of the storage compartments which seem to hover above and under the desk surface. The solid oak legs cross through the veneered desk surface and come to support the painted shelf at about 10 cm above it. Given its shape and the reduced width of work surface, this desk is more adapted to be used as a writing/correspondence desk. We could say it is a modern interpretation of the classic secretary.
The Walk Desk takes its inspiration from school or childhood desks, but it looks fully grown up! The legs are crossed at the top like in the action of taking a step. This shape gives a lot of dynamism to this desk, which seems in motion. The partition of the surface between drawers and a hollow space with lifting flap in the middle is very smart, and will help the desk to stay tidy at all times. The cables are also cleverly managed in order to keep them as hidden as possible, yet functional. It is available in all wood for a more contemporary look, or with painted surfaces for a playful atmosphere.
In Legs Crossed, the designer plays with the converging legs, but this time they seem more sitting down lazily than going for a walk. The combination of oak veneer for the two generous drawers and American walnut for the rest of the structure brings a touch of elegance. It also comes as a dresser, with the addition of a stylish adjustable round mirror. Charming for both home office and bedroom!




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