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Bench Style Office Desks from Pottery Barn – small and large Hendrix

bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-1.jpg
The Hendrix “Smart Technology Desk” for Pottery Barn is a prime example of the seamless joining of the past and future. When one of their designers spotted an old carpenter’s table at a flea market in Texas, a new style desk was born. There’s a a fake vise for authenticity. The asymmetrical drawer balances the vise, and a divided trough in back holds the future – a three plug strip for a laptop, phone, tablet, whatever you’ve got that needs charging. The pine construction looks heirloom – because the details are indeed finished in heirloom pine. And no detail has been spared in this charmingly accurate reproduction piece. The Hendrix desk is available in extra long and standard sizes, for the corner office to the smaller home office. Wouldn’t this look wonderful with heavy bookcases and big comfy leather office chairs? And it would look equally at home with a modern minimalist room. The desk is the star, wherever you put it!

bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-2.jpg
The smaller of the two size options.
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-3.jpg
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-4.jpg
The longer of the table choices.
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-5.jpg
The drawer makes a handy spot to keep small items.
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-6.jpg
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-7.jpg
How clever are these hidden power outlets?
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-8.jpg
The “vise”.
bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-9.jpg

More information: Pottery Barn


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