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11 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Should Consider

Whether your dream kitchen is modern, traditional with a hint of color, or country chic, changing up your backsplash can make a huge difference with little to no effort. The idea is to revitalize the space while still maintain the main aesthetics already used in the kitchen space. Whether you prefer tiles or paint these kitchen backsplash ideas are sure to inspire you.

Glossy Black

The shine that comes off of the glossy black tiles adds a richness to the bold hue. It will make the kitchen area appear chicer and put together all at the same time. If you neutral kitchen having black glossy tiles will add a contemporary charm.

Black is coming back with a vengeance, not only is it the IT color of the year, but it is modern and edgy, especially in a non-traditional space like the kitchen. Yes, we have seen black appliances, but have we seen glossy tiles take over the space? Not so much as that’s why we love the idea. Glossy black tiles can make a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen from sweet and traditional to trendy and contemporary.

Crackled Ceramic

The beauty of crackled ceramic is the soft undertones it naturally has. In different lighting, the tiles will appear gray in others blue and in the sunlight, you will notice ribbons of both running through. If you really want the detailing in the tiles to play into your decor, decorate around it with similar colors. The more-blue you use the bluer the tiles will appear and vice versa with gray items.

Crackled ceramic is one of the easiest hues to incorporate into your kitchen because of how neutral it is. It has a grayish-blue undertone incorporated in the tiles. If you prefer an all-white kitchen but want to add some color this is the perfect way to do so.


Elegant, classy, trendy and sophisticated are the perfect ways to describe having a silver backdrop. Pair it in a dark kitchen for the perfect contrast. Do not mistake a silver backsplash for a mirror finish display. Although, similar they provide a different aesthetic when paired in the kitchen with different colors.

Metallic hues are quite popular in the kitchen space. However, many will consider metallic hues as accent colors instead of main shades. Add glossy silver tiles to a wall or two of your kitchen for a chic trendy twist.

Gold Marble

There is a special place in interior decorating for marble. Marble just seems to work well in every area of a home, especially in the kitchen. However, if you want to have something a bit different than gold marble is the way to go. Although, it is difficult to see there are gold ribbons floating throughout the marble backsplash. The key to accenting those is adding gold accents around the home.

Marble is a statement material in most kitchens as it can be used in multiple different areas from the kitchen counters to the kitchen islands, there is always a place for a little bit of marble. If you already have a white kitchen but want to add a bit of texture using gold textured marble is the way to go. Subway tiles with gold ribbing through them will add texture that is simple but eye-catching at once.

Nautical Emphases

Having a nautical backsplash does not mean you have to have nautical items throughout. It means having a display of hues of blue that bring that classic nautical feel to the kitchen. A blue and white backsplash can do the trick. Pair it with a blue wall or two to help accentuate the theme.

A nautical theme in the kitchen is not only fun and chic but it is also a great way to add a punch of color without appearing out of place. The key is using soft shades of blue that already compliment the other preexisting shades in the kitchen. This will add the nautical feel while still being part of your existing décor. Pair it with shades of off-white, beige, and gray for that nautical look that pulls through.

Gray Grout

There is something about having darker grouts that simply brings a contemporary charm to the kitchen. The darkness of the grout paired with the rich white shades creates the perfect dimension between the two. It brings out the richness of the white making the space appear larger. 

When we see dark grout our very first thoughts may be “that needs to be white” or “that needs to be cleaned” but the truth is dark grouts add a modern touch to a classic kitchen. The contrast between the bright white tiles will make the dark grout appear darker and in return, it will give a contemporary charm in one simple step.

Faux Finish

Just because it looks like bricks does not necessarily mean its made out of bricks. The idea is to create the perfect brick illusion. This can be done with wallpaper. A perfectly laid out wallpaper can prove the brick backsplash you have always wanted for half the price. It can also give you the rustic dream kitchen you have always wanted.

Yes, you read that correctly faux finish is IN. Instead of adding a brick wall to your kitchen add tiles that have a brick wall finish to them. This will save you not only time but money as well. The brick finish will add an elegant yet rustic country feel to the kitchen while still being easy to maintain and even easier to clean.

Mirrored Disco Ball

It mirrored, its trendy, its chic, and its fun. Mirrored backsplash are fun they provide a cool charming feel to them. They are great for an overall kitchen backsplash or as highlights throughout the kitchen. You may even want to use it in your wet bar space.

Mirrored tiles are a top favorite because of how chic they are. They give fun vibes that may not even be part of your décor just yet. The key is having a mirrored finish backsplash with simple décor around it. You want the mirrored finish tiles to be the main focus of the room.

Touch of Floral

When you think “floral backsplash” you may immediately come to the conclusion that it will be a tacky display of bright flowers. However, when done correctly, a floral backsplash can be the small feminine touch your kitchen may need. Choose neutral hues that work well together for a chic feel that is charming and not tacky.

Not a year goes by that floral is not on trend. There is something feminine yet classic about having a floral print in the kitchen. The key is working with a print that isn’t overbearing to the other hues and shades you already have going on. You want to work with a pattern that will complement your current décor. You also want to go big and bold as floral print can never be just an added touch it needs to be the center of attention.


Chevron is one of those patterns that simply works anywhere it is placed. It adds life to the space while still being simple. It also creates visual interest in the kitchen, especially if you have a simple space that needs some sprucing up.

Chevron is another pattern that works exceptionally well in the kitchen. It is classic yet fun and brings an air of “cool.” You can add it in a bold shade for added brightness to the room or you can add it in a neutral hue for a softer appeal that adds to the space. Consider using shades of gray for your chevron pattern.

Oversized Glass Tiles

The large the tile the better it is for the kitchen space. They add a bold touch while still making the space appear larger. There are multiple different hues you can consider when using them. Pastel colors work best as they have a gleam to them.

Oversized glass tiles add an antique sparkle to the kitchen. There is something that makes you feel like you are at home when you see oversized glass tiles. Use that to your advantage and add them to your kitchen in fun colors. You may even want to mix or match a few shades together to create a unique pattern.

Does your kitchen feel boring? Adding one or two of these backsplash ideas will bring your space back to life. Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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