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15 Glass Backsplash Ideas To Spark Your Renovation Ideas

Glass backsplashes are beautiful in a variety of areas around the home. It’s innovative and modern, and fits well into both kitchen spaces as well as the bathroom. Check out these 15 glass backsplash ideas and allow them to spark some ideas for your home’s renovation or redesign.

Design Notes begins our journey with these gorgeous, starburst design. We’re loving how artistic and creative this glass tiling is. And although subtle, it definitely will bring a bout of uniqueness and personalization into your kitchen.

Home Design went with some iridescent sea glass tiles that we’re swooning for. Whether it’s a bigger or smaller space, the colors here will add the pop we all crave. It bounces off the white appliances and cabinets nicely, but it would also do well complimenting black or gray designs as well.

Here’s a simple bathroom design that we felt we needed to feature as well. These glass subway tiles would for all kinds of spaces and accent nicely, especially when there’s a modern vision in mind. We love the tint of blue here as well, making it an even more serene area to enjoy.

Beyootiful Life went with some glass tiling in the bathroom as well. Used as a backsplash to the vanity space, this minty green design gives a push of both retro vibes and contemporary accents. It’s clean and fresh, which is alway the best route to take when revamping the bathroom.

Maybe you want something with more of a glam statement. These mother of pearl-inspired glass tiles really make a splash inside this kitchen. The bits of sparkles make the space so inviting and luxurious in feel. Thanks for the inspiration, again, Pinterest.

If you love color but don’t want to overwhelm your space, then check out these small glass tiles! We found this beautiful nook on Pinterest and love how it makes this monochromatic space pop with a subdued, artistic style. These same pieces would be beautiful in a shower as well.

Then there’s this simple and modern design from Live Your Colors. It’s clear, concise and helps provide that no-fuss feel minimalistic lovers crave. And that’s what we see here, a minimal space that’s perfect for those that are looking for more function than personalization.

Over at Home Furniture Ideas, we find these stunning kitchen design that’s been topped off with a white, glass tile backsplash. It creates texture and interest on the walls without cluttering the space or becoming too bold in a room that’s purpose is to feel fresh. The white also compliments the gorgeous teal accents quite nicely.

Then again, a simple sheet of glass works too for something extra modern and precise. You don’t have to go with grooved tile pieces. Just check out this bout of inspiration we found over at Apartment Therapy for example.

Apartment Therapy gave us similar inspiration by providing us with this chic idea as well. Sometimes simplicity really is best and that’s what we found here with this clear glass backsplash idea. It’s easy to clean and easy to compliment, making it a minimalist’s dream.

Pinterest offered up this fun kitchen space as well. With smaller subway tile pieces and a punch of subtle color, this design has a bit more personality rounding out its room. We love how these two blues play so well with each other, adding both depth and interest.

Reality Daydream used a type of sea glass as well as going with a tile design that’s a bit more outside the box. Bring bouts of art into the most unsuspecting places, like the bathroom, by creating a backsplash design that wows. We love the color and how it funks of this clean, contemporary space so much.

Smaller tiles will give a more exciting design in the end. But if you go with natural shades, you get interest without all of the fuss. Just use this contemporary, chocolatey-toned bathroom as an example. We love the blending of so many genres here from Home Interiors.

Porch had a simple glass backsplash featured as well. And we love it because of its lavender hue. Making for a unique space but one that coincides with the mid-century modern style, this design has a fresh feel that is quite inspiring.

And finally, we end our list of fun, glass tile backsplashes with these blue design. Complimenting a white, contemporary kitchen well it leaves us with a relaxed vibe that makes the space even more welcoming. And because it’s glass, it’s easy to clean!


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