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Modern Kitchen Haebereli from Schiffini – new concept kitchen

schiffini kitchen concept 1 Modern Kitchen Haebereli from Schiffini   new concept kitchen
A combination of modern and nostalgic elements is what makes the Haebereli kitchen from Schiffini so very eye-catching. With your lifestyle in mind, the Haebereli boasts a linear sequence of various use areas for preparation, cooking, relaxing and eating. Unusual, thoughtful additions such as the remarkable cistern water tank system, and a cozy fireplace will help a family to enjoy a comfortable home life whilst remaining aware of conserving natural resources. Essentially composed of two tables, one for preparation and one for dining, the kitchen island has large and distinctive lamps which are adjustable to help you focus on the task at hand. With plenty of storage and all utensils easily to hand, the Haebereli is a pleasure to interact with. Those who like design to be a step away from the norm will love the unheard of combination of materials in this modern kitchen – an arresting mix of natural wood, stainless steel, and fascinating pock-marked copper. The concept of Schiffini is to make the kitchen ‘the soul of the home’ – with Haebereli, this aim is harmoniously achieved.
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schiffini kitchen concept 2 Modern Kitchen Haebereli from Schiffini   new concept kitchen
Schiffini concept kitchen - insland wall in pock-marked copper



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