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Contemporary Storage Furniture for Media / Clothes in Solid Hardwood, by Izm

Bringing their love of Canada to their work, furniture designers Jerad Mack and Shane Pawluk are the brains behind Izm – a collection of contemporary hardwood storage furniture that mirrors nature in more ways than just its material. Reminiscent of the flat, unending horizon of the Prairies, the low-profile Visualism AV unit boasts a rich, natural finish but has a modern twist with its smoked-glass doors. Available in two- and three-door designs, this media unit accommodates your CDs and DVDs, organized and out of the way, and allows for rear ventilation and cord access for all your electronics. Available in two sizes – 14.5 inches and 18.5 inches high – Visualism is ideal for any-sized space.
And whether your home is a compact urban condo or a grand house, the Hi S Lo S contemporary hardwood dressers are another urban essential, maximizing the storage potential in even the smallest space. This versatile piece comes in 11 configurations, from single- to nine-drawer configurations. We love the simplicity of this modern design, and the lack of obtrusive handles. For more info visit Izm.



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