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Any Connoisseur’s Dream: Modern Wine Cellar Designs

A wine cellar isn’t what it used to be, because no one keeps their wine in a basement anymore. Homeowners today prefer to display their assortment collections in a stylish and tasteful way in glass cases or sleek wall storage. And since modern technologies allow proper wine storage almost anywhere in the house, design and not conditions come into focus. Follow these modern wine cellar designs to see the latest trends in cellar design.

Classic Wine Cellar Designs With a Modern Twist

But before we dive deep into contemporary design, let’s look at how a modernized classic wine cellar can look in a modern home. Spiral Cellars found their niche among wine enthusiasts with their spiral wine cellars made of glass and metal, adding an impressive feature to any interior.

Spiral wine cellar
Spiral modern wine cellar designs by Spiral Cellars
Outdoor wine cellar
Outdoor wine cellar by Spiral Cellars
Modern wine cellar
Modern wine cellar designs via Decor North
Modern wine vault
Modern wine cellar designs by Architectural Plastics

Other designers look for ways to make a stone cellar more attractive and contemporary-looking. Here is where Architectural Plastics shine with their sleek and highly-organized designs.

It makes sense to create a wine cellar in the basement, if you have it, but, as you can see, it doesn’t have to be dark and ancient-looking.

Modern Wine Cellar Designs – Glass Cases

Glass cases are most popular in spacious modern homes with open plans. These make for beautiful wine display, and don’t obstruct the views in an open layout. These can be built in any room as well as transitional spaces like hallways and staircases.

Glass-enclosed wine cellar
Glass-enclosed wine cellar by Baker Interior Design Group
Living room wine case
Living room wine case by Millesime Wine Racks
Wine glass case
Wine glass case via Luxe
Double glass wine cases
Modern wine cellar designs via Bonita Glass Shoppe

Wine racks and shelves can make your glass case look more interesting as well as aid in creative organization and bottle arrangement.

It doesn’t have to be monolithic, though. Two glass enclosures can not only help save space but they can also separate wine by types or brands.

Wine Storage Walls

Walls make for a perfect space space-conscious wine storage. You can use built-in or mounted options, depending on what stage of home designing you are.

Wine storage wall
Wine storage wall by John Wardle Architects
Concrete wine storage wall
Concrete wine storage wall by MAP Architects
Dining room wall wine storage
Dining room wall wine storage by Catherine Kwong
Loft Bordeaux wine cellar wall
Loft Bordeaux wine cellar wall by Teresa Sapey Estudio
Dining room with wine storage
Dining room with wine storage by Ehrlich Architects

Wall shelving can become a fitting addition to a wet bar or a dining room. What can be more convenient than keeping wine close to eating or entertainment area?

Storage options can also be more decorative than practical. This is especially suiting for those who don’t collect wine, but rather strongly enthuse about it.

Wine Room Designs

Combining storage with additional function makes sense and not only space-wise. It’s also about convenience. Why not set up your wine cellar in a wine room, dining room, home bar, or entertainment room?

Wine room with blue lighting
Wine room with blue lighting by Signature Homes
Contemporary entertainment wine room
Contemporary entertainment wine room by MGS Architecture
Contemporary wine room
Contemporary wine room by McClean Design
Wooden wine room
Wooden wine room by Plasterlina

There are plenty of wine room design ideas ranging from storage-heavy to more open and multi-functional. They usually also feature small bar tables and stools to accommodate guests.

Plasterlina offers to make a wine room less formal by adding small coffee tables and seating cushions instead of bar furniture.

Wine Display Ideas

Glass cases and walls make for perfect wine displays that you can use to decorate your dining or living room. Unlike glass case wine cellars, these take less space and come in decorative frames.

Modern blueglass wine cellar
Modern blue glass wine cellar by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars
Custom Wine Cellar by Genuwine Cellars
Custom Wine Cellar by Genuwine Cellars
Wine wall divider
Wine wall divider by Jeannet

Genuwine Cellars make use of decorative wooden wine shelving to create an extraordinary display that you’d want to show off rather than hide in the basement.

Thanks to their thinness, these wine displays become perfect room dividers.

Wine Storage Wall Dividers

A glass divider may not provide each zone with complete privacy, but on the other hand it will not break up the open layout too much, rendering all the zones claustrophobic and boxy.

Wooden wine cellar enclosed in glass
Wooden modern wine cellar designs. Photo by David Giral
Luxury wine feature wall
Luxury wine feature wall by ARRCC
Hallway wine room
Hallway wine room by Cascadia Architects

Besides separating space into zones, a beautiful glass wine display can become an impressive focal point for each area.

A full-fledged glass box cellar can too serve as a divider, provided it is not filled up to the brim with bottles.

Home Bar Wine Storage

Where else should you really store your wine? A home bar seems like a perfect spot, because then you have everything you need for a successful party just within a hand’s reach.

Small bar with wine storage
Small bar with wine storage by South Park Design Build
Luxury house home bar with wine storage
Luxury house home bar with wine storage by Summersun Property Group
Stylish contemporary bar and wine cellar
Stylish contemporary bar and wine cellar via World of Archi

Creative shelving is as good of a storage option as the glass case. You can take advantage of wood properties to create intriguing patterns and shapes instead of going for simple shelves.

Also, you can use various ways of organization to make a simple wine shelf look more designing.

Wine Shelves & Cabinets

Wine cabinets, shelving, and coolers can fit into almost any room. These would look best in the kitchen, living and dining rooms.

Wine cabinet
Wine cabinet by James Thomas
Wood and glass vinoteca
Wood and glass vinoteca via Oracle Fox
Wooden wine cellar
Wooden wine cellar by O Plus L

This wine cellar by O Plus L uses shelves instead of more popular metallic wine racks, which gives it a winery look.

These types of shelves will be helpful to homeowners that are avid wine collectors with an extensive assortment of bottles.

Wine Glass Features

Glass is still the first material of choice when it comes to wine storage. Every variation between a wine storage wall divider and a glass case can be made with just glass and a few hardware details.

Sleek wine cellar
Sleek wine cellar by Jonathan Rachman
Luxury wine glass case
Luxury wine glass case by McMahon Architects + Studio
SOJO Design wine cellar
SOJO Design modern wine cellar designs
Glass wine room
Glass wine room from Varenna by Poliform Matrix Kitchen

This glass enclosure is a good option for a spacious residence. It cuts the space away from the existing room, but it creates a state-of-the-art storage for alcohol for various tastes.

The stainless steel wine coolers contrast with a black glass frame, creating a very contemporary feel.

Modern Luxury Wine Cellars

Luxurious display isn’t difficult to create. Although the rest of the interior better look fitting. If you want an especially splendid look, opt for natural stone for the feature walls and frames.

Modern luxury wine display
Modern luxury wine display in a home by Trevor Euley
Luxury wine cellar
Luxury wine cellar by Vin De Garde
Contemporary wine cellar wall
Contemporary wine cellar wall by AA Interiors
Luxurious vinoteca
Luxurious vinoteca via Luxury SotoGrande

If you, however, choose metal for the sake of cutting down the price of your cellar, it may still look surprisingly lavish.

Luxurious pendant lights and chandeliers work well with the glass cases, reflecting beautifully in their reflective walls.

Kitchen Wine Storage

Kitchen is another great spot for storing wine today, since many kitchens feature open layouts and adjoining dining areas. Use kitchen islands, cabinets, shelves, and pantry to keep your dinner wines close.

Kitchen island wine storage
Kitchen island modern wine cellar designs by ASID
Butler's pantry wine storage
Butler’s pantry wine storage by Wentworth Studio
Kitchen wine storage
Kitchen wine storage via Nina Farmer Interiors using Arclinea modern wine cellar designs

A storage-friendly kitchen island may not look as luxurious, but it will give you more storage room.

A butler’s pantry, one the other hand, will give you not only the place to store wine and glasses but also a sophisticated furniture arrangement.

Staircase Wine Storage

Transitional spaces are just as suitable for wine storage. A staircase is a favorite spot for modern designers since that space underneath it often stays empty.

Under stair wine storage
Under stair wine storage. Photo by Jeri Koegel
Contemporary wine cellar
This contemporary cellar is the pinnacle of modern wine cellar designs by CNR Group
Staircase wall glass-enclosed wine cellar
Staircase wall glass-enclosed wine cellar by Seematerials

Wide hallways and foyers can too house a wine glass case or even an entire wine room in a big house.

It isn’t as convenient as keeping wine in the dining room or kitchen, but there it can serve as a decorative element.

Small Wine Cellar

A small wine cellar doesn’t have to look dull. The best way to decorate any wine cellar is to create a feature wall that attracts attention. Brooke Wagner added a classic twist with a stone feature wall to a contemporary hallway, and it turned out looking museum-like thanks to those inbuilt lights.

Small wine cellar
Small wine cellar by Greenastore
Stone wine case feature wall
Stone wine case feature wall by Brooke Wagner
Wine cellar in Christophe Colomb House in Montreal
Wine cellar in Christophe Colomb House in Montreal by Manon Bélanger

Modern wine cellar designs are not restricted by size, shape, or materials. And even though glass is popular today, you don’t have to limit yourself. Opt for plastic, wood, metal, and concrete to create your wine treasury.


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