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25 Modern Glass Designs That are Artful and Unique

Modern glass designs can become a conversation of the party, so artful and unique they are. You don’t even have to have a full bar to impress your guests if you have the right type of glasses. Taking advantage of newer technologies, designers imagine creative shapes and forms in abandon, so let’s see which drinkware goes with what contents.

Wine Goblets

Fferrone Margot Wine Goblets
Fferrone Margot Wine Goblets

Fferrone’s Margot wine collection of goblets is a very modernist one with a touch of Art Deco. Handcrafted in Czech Republic, these are made of borosilicate glass and, as the brand describes it, invert tradition of cut glass.

The formidable glasses have an unusual hollow base that could also perhaps double as a champagne flute.

On the Rock Wine Glass by Lee Broom
On the Rock Wine Glass by Lee Broom

Designer Lee Broom also makes an accent on his glass bases. In his On The Rock collection, he combines classic glasses with little marble pedestals.

Seeing as marble is so trendy right now, but never really goes out of decorators’ favor, those bases makes these glasses perfect home bar staples.

Highwave Wine Glass
Highwave Grail Wine Glass

Classic shapes included in simpler containers make for pretty one-of-a-kind glasses. Take this Grail, for example.

It wouldn’t look the same without a faus stem, though. But it’s much more stable and practical conserved within its solid glass body.

Modern Glass Designs for Wine

Conundrum Red Wine Glass
Conundrum Red Wine Glass from Final Touch

Since wine is a more casual type of alcohol, there are wine glasses galore. Here are more happy-hour, less dinner party designs you’ll love to simply hold in your hands.

Conundrum wine glass looks like a great container for those who don’t trust those classic but frail long-stemmed wine glasses.


GIovino Stemless Shatterproof Wine Glasses
Govino Stemless shatterproof modern glass designs

Govino went the other way, instead of molding glass in which a user would wrap their fingers, they made their shatterproof wine glasses out of plastic. Ah, but can you tell?

Available in different sizes, the glass sets of these are perfect for not only wine but cocktails as well.

Revolution Water and Wine Glass
Revolution Water and Wine Glass from Fferrone

Again Fferrone’s experiments with borosilicate glass and modern design approach resulted in intriguing glass designs. Their Revolution glasses are unlike any other you can find on the market.

Combining the elements of different types of drinkware, Revolution can look as much laboratory or modernist as you’d wish to style them.

'Daphne' Stemless Wine Glasses
‘Daphne’ Stemless Wine Glasses via Nordstrom

Metallics are ever the glamorous accents of decor. Treat them as jewelry, using small Daphne glasses and carafes to bring a sparkle to your bar.

The options range from understated silver shine to trendy copper and a more classic golden brass.

Champagne Flutes

Monique Lhuillier Champagne FLutes
Monique Lhuillier Champagne Flutes via Bloomingdales

For special occasions, crack open the bottle of bubbly into these artistic flutes that can serve anything from a wedding to a business party.

Monique Lhuillier in collaboration with Waterford has got wedding theme covered with this gorgeous crystal Ellypse flute edged and shaped as finely as a wedding ring.

Moya champagne flutes
Moya modern glass designs via LSA International

Celebrate the end of the year with more contemporary looking flutes like these from LSA International.

Standing on solid glass bases they look almost like beer glasses only more elegant and classy. Thanks to their slimming bottoms, the flutes partly preserve their traditional form, but the heavy glass stem makes all the difference.

Michael Anastassiades Champagne Glasses Type 2
Michael Anastassiades Champagne Glasses Type 2

Designer Michael Anastassiades created a collection of champagne glasses with a modern twist. Employing stylistic choices from Art Deco, modernist, and classical traditions, he turns them into completely modern stemware.

One of his designs is this deep and tall champagne flute that merges a familiar glass shape with an elegant flute form, resulting in a unconventional drinking glass.

Genus Champagne Flute
Genus Champagne Flute via Touch of Modern

Again, the classic flute shape is encased in a bulb-like shell. Genus Glassware ensures the tradition of celebrating with champagne gets at least a modern appearance.

The laboratory aesthetic doesn’t prevent the flute from looking almost exquisite and sophisticated, though.

Champagne Glasses

Half Cut Champagne glass
Half Cut Champagne glass by Lee Broom

Champagne saucers too are a classic, but they evolve almost as fast as the flutes. Lee Broom makes a case for elaborate glass bases in his Half Cut collection comprising this gorgeous champagne saucer.

Similar to door knobs, the glass bases seem like they would add a considerable amount of weight to a glass, but it’s probably for the best, as you wouldn’t want to break such beauty.

Sagaform Club Champagne Glasses
Sagaform Club Champagne Glasses via John Lewis

Champagne glasses don’t have to be either elegant or contemporary. They can be both, and these Sagaform Club champagne glasses seriously prove it.

A graceful shape and a neon bright glass base work in perfect concert, making these glasses versatile so much so that you can serve them at a wedding as well as a New Year’s Eve party.

Martini Glasses

Riedel - O Wine Martini Glass
Riedel – O Wine Martini Glass via Connox

Martini glasses are pretty simple, so there aren’t that many variations. But you’d probably find this glass from Riedel quite designing.

Instead of making the good ol’ martini glass stem, the manufacturer created an ergonomic base that looks very much like a part of a vase.

Glass On Brass martini glass
Glass On Brass martini glass by Lee Broom

Lee Broom, in his experiments with glass bases, came up with the most trendy glassware you can find on the market.

Glass On Brass is a collection of wine, martini, and champagne glasses perched on alluring golden brass covered pedestals that are bound to attract attention, and make your guests feel exquisite.

Copa Vino Tini Double
Copa Vino Tini Double via Amazon

Don’t drink martini too often? Here is a practical design solution that looks quite unique. A martini wine glass that uses the unused glass as its base.

It may not be as convenient for drinking martini, but then again you are not drinking it that often.

Mother of Pearl cocktail glasses
Mother of Pearl cocktail glasses via House of Fraser

Here is a classic martini glass shape that becomes an absolute stunner with a mother of pearl finish that will make you feel like you drink cocktails out of a rainbow.

Though elegant and subtle, it looks the most beautiful and quite extraordinary. The long stem adds that much elegance to the glass.

Beer Glasses

Pretentious Beer Glass
Pretentious Beer Glass 

If you thought that beer glasses couldn’t look attractive or more than standard, you haven’t seen the ones made by Pretentious Beer Glass Company.

Dedicated to reimagine the beer glass, they create designs that aren’t only beautiful but also quite practical like these stylish dual beer glasses.

Sempli Beer Glasses
Sempli beer modern glass designs

Same goes for Sempli. With their glasses, drinking beer can be as stylish as having a glass of rose wine. Look at those Art Deco shapes!

Reimagining the classic beer glasses, Sempli still manages to make them recognizable albeit striking and displayable.

Whiskey Tumblers

Rocker Whiskey Glass
Rocker Whiskey Glass via Amazon

Whiskey glasses are getting most of the creative treatment after those made for wine. Playing with shapes and glass stability, designers try to show off the alcohol’s beautiful color in all its radiance.

This rocker glass has two stability points that allow to tip the glass either way, creating an uneven distribution of alcohol within it, which, when ice is involved, makes for an especially beautiful display.

ESCAPE - Glass Tumblers
ESCAPE – Glass Tumblers by Aruliden

If this tumbler looks familiar, it is because Aruliden also made a similar fish tank that became very popular a while back.

This beautiful glass is definitely going to become a crown jewel of your home bar. The hand-blown tumblers require careful handwashing and unfortunately don’t ship internationally due to fragility.

Modern Czech whisky glass
Modern Czech whisky glass via Bohemian Gifts

We’ve never seen such complex glass designs. Created by Bohemia Jihlava company this glass is supposed to not only show off alcohol but also stand out among your glassware on its own.

The twisted shape of the glass bears trendy golden accents, so there is no way it will go unnoticed.

Modern Glass Designs in Color

Spiro Stemless Wine Glass set
Spiro Stemless Wine Glass set from Uncommon Goods

Colored glass doesn’t have to be solid. Painted designs look even more unconventional. We recommend choosing simpler patterns for the modern look, however.

This Spiro wine glass set is a perfect example of how colorful patterns can make for a contemporary modern look.

Multicolor Ombre Stemless Wine Glasses
Multicolor Ombre modern glass designs from Uncommon Goods

Ombre trend has reached glassware, and it looks most attractive. This set from Uncommon Goods is meant for wine, but we’re sure you can get away drinking water out of them.

Colorful sets are also more interesting as they make for great displays. Arrange them around your bar cabinet or shelves for a beautiful eye-catchy accent.

Pearl Cocktail Glasses
Pearl Cocktail Glasses from Uncommon Goods

Finally, stained glass can be much more subtle than it usually is. These Pearl cocktail glasses are perfect for weddings, showers, and all kinds of parties, where you want some color without the garish look.

Modern glass designs can not only accommodate your taste in alcohol but also your decor preferences. Use these to create a beautiful display in your home bar.


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