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Chic Ways To Design Your Wine Room

Have a spare room in your home? Or an unused basement? If so why not make the room useful by designing your very own wine cellar? Having a wine room is not only trendy, but it’s an excellent way of making good use of a space that was once just a “room.” We have put together our favorite chic designs that will help you create the perfect wine room for you.

Go Rustic

Add a wooden table to double as a wine tasting space or even as an extra dining room for those times you have more guests show up than you anticipated. Pair your table with simple stools to make a big yet simple impact.

There is nothing more appealing and fun than having a rustic, really old school wine cellar. It’s simple yet intriguing to look at and be in. Use lots of rich wood and allow your wines to make the statement they were intended to make.

Clear Casing

Not only is the clear casing beautiful to look at from the inside but it has an even grander effect when it is seen from the outside or at a distance. The different hues of wine will bring color to the room that enhances the decor you may already have.

Want to go modern instead? If so a clear casing is the way to go. It will showcase your collection while still having its very own private space. This concept will work best in an open floor plan, that allows the casing to become the main focus of the space.

Wine Nook

Many homes have a unique nook in the kitchen, whether it be small or large that area typically remains unused or used for unnecessary storage. If you happen to have a smaller nook you can use it as an area where you store your wine or even display it.

Display your wines in a nook space of your home and add a bench directly next to it or even in front of it. Doing so brings a touch of comfort and cozy appeal. This might just become the perfect reading nook for wine aficionados.

Wine Cellar and Wet Bar Combination

Not only is having your wine right next to your wet bar a smart idea but the aesthetics of it is even better. Allow your wet bar to make as grand of a statement as your wine area does by using similar or contrasting decor.

Why only have a wine cellar in the room when you can have a wet bar as well. Adding a wet bar is the perfect excuse for having a designated area in your home that is all about entertainment. This idea will work best in a basement or separate dining area.

Geometric Pattern

Have an empty wall in your home and can’t figure out what to add to it? If so the answer is simple, add a geometric pattern with space to store your wines. Many wines do not have to be in a cool setting, therefore, displaying them is not only chic and stylish but its a beautiful form of having them on hand every time.

If you do not have the space for an entire cellar or wine room you can still have a designated wine space in your kitchen. The key is getting a backlit design rack with a geometric pattern and having that become the highlight of the room. Not only will the area be lit and have that unique touch, but every bottle will be on display and at hand whenever it’s needed.

Custom Space

When you create a custom area you have the ability to design it anywhere and with as many additions as you would like. Consider having your custom wine display in front of your dining table for easy access and a modern touch.

As much as we love the idea of having an entire room dedicated to wine and wine only, that is not always as achievable as it may seem. Consider creating a customized area that fits exactly where you need it such as near a kitchen or even as part of your kitchen island.

Contemporary At its Finest

Creating a contemporary touch in your wine space does not take too much work when you work with your surroundings. Add a fun seating or even a unique wine display to bring that contemporary touch.

Take your room or space to the next level by creating a contemporary look. The idea is to have a space that is completely different from the rest of your home. This can be done by using floating cabinets to hold your wine and adding an additional table for wine tasting or entertaining.

Black and White

Black and white is always a chic combination especially when you want to create an upscale vibe. Keep your decor simple yet open and airy. Allow your white bits to make a bold statement while the contrasting shades of black will ground your decor in a traditional manner.

You can never go wrong with black and white, especially in your wine area. Continue the monochromatic theme with an intricate light fixture and an eye-catching ceiling feature. Consider adding art in the same hues to further push the black and white palette.

Industrial Touch

An industrial touch is perfect when you have a lot of wine to store yet don’t have the required space. Consider having industrial steel racks where you can place the wine bottles while displaying them. 

We love an industrial touch in any room because it adds that extra touch of modern. Use a metallic wine holder to create that classic industrial feel. Pair with unique artwork and bits of wood to provide a little touch of traditional.

Elegant Display

For an elegant touch add a beautiful metallic light fixture and use the same metallic hue throughout the room. The metallic touch will showcase stylish elegance in a simple manner. Keep the space simple and allow the metal bits to make a statement on their very own.

In your wine room take an elegant approach by adding a chandelier. The room will need lighting, therefore, why not create an elegant ambiance with a bold chandelier bit.

Do you own a wine cellar? If so, share with us how you have decorated your space below.


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