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5 Stemless Drinking Glasses for Your Chic Home Bar

When designing a home bar, you can skimp on many things including glasses. But if your home bar is a small cart, then you might be better off investing in designer glasses that impress. Stemless drinking glasses are very trendy right now, and not only because they look smashingly gorgeous, but also because you don’t have to worry as much about the spills. They’re more practical.

Designers reimagined wine, whiskey, and cognac glasses to fit with this latest tilted trend. So, if you’re on the hunt for new glassware for your stylish home bar, you’d want to see these.

Designer Stemless Drinking Glasses

Saturn wine glass
Saturn wine glass
Saturn white wine glass
Saturn white wine glass by Super Duper Studio

Saturn glass is a creation of a Super Duper Studio. Made of Swedish, lead-free crystal, it looks like a reimagined regular glass on a small base, but it’s much more than that.

With a single flick of an ungraceful finger, it tilts but doesn’t fall down spilling wine all across the pristine white tablecloth or someone’s attire. Instead, it spins around its axis much like a planet it was named after.

Heart liquor glass
Heart liquor glass From BOAdesign

BOAdesign created a set of wine and whiskey glasses shaped after a heart. They gave the wine glass an exquisitely slim stem, but kept the whiskey tumblers rotating in an unspillable motion created by a small tip.

The spill is further prevented by a narrow opening that widens toward the center of the glass, which makes for an unusual design.

Cognac glasses
Cognac glasses from Normann Copenhagen

Called The Cognac Glass, this Normann Copenhagen design is an exquisite addition to any home bar. Created for the drink specifically, the Cognac glass is a perfect container as well as a decor accent.

The famous manufacturer also offers similar design for liqueurs. For the whiskey, they have a less rounded glass with an inverted tip.

Diamond glass
Diamond glass
Diamond glass close-up
Diamond glass via Urban Outfitters

Diamond whiskey glasses are very popular and come from various manufacturers in virtually the same form but different quality.

This particular diamond shape looks simple but attractive, and would most definitely decorate any home bar cart, adding a bit of a fashion statement to it.

Diamond glasses
Diamond glasses by Lars Kemper

Finally, Lars Kemper and Peter Olah take a diamond shape and refine their design to perfection in this Diamond Glass. Just look at it. It seems like it’s growing from an actual diamond.

Bohemian crystal and impeccable craftsmanship help achieve this ambitious design that is bound to start many-many conversations.

Golden bar cart with a glass shelf
Golden bar cart with a glass shelf via Sketch42Blog

The beauty of these glasses is undeniable and earns them a spot on display. Show them off like you would a carafe or a decorative bottle, and they will add flair to your bar cart.

A pair of stemless drinking glasses also makes a perfect gift to someone who loves glassware or alcohol.


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