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Ceramic Floral Tiles by Lafabbrica Spa

Done right, tile can make a stylish statement in your home. These ceramic floral tiles by Italy’s Lafabbrica Spa take your bathrooms into a new dimension with its 3D design and striking aesthetic appeal. These one-toned tiles are subtle, but with the right lighting, their contemporary relief pattern is what makes them stand out – quite literally. The fine floral print is complemented by a soothing, gentle palette of colors that will get you into a relaxed groove, ideal for your bathroom or home spa. These full-porcelain wall tiles measure just 4mm thick, and are available in a variety of sizes including 12-by-12-inch, 12-by-24-inch, 24-by-24-inch, 12-by-48-inch and 24-by-48-inch dimensions – all large scale for a big impact. Check out these ceramic floral tiles online at Lafabbrica Spa.



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