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10 Ways to Add a Floral Flair to Your Home

When we think of pattern and adding texture to the home through adding patterned pieces. The last pattern we may consider is floral print. Floral print typically comes with a negative connotation attached to it. The reason being not everyone knows how to style a floral print item the proper way. If you want to add a floral twist to your home, here are 10 ways to do so that are modern and complimentary to your décor.

Floral Wallpaper

Match small different details of your home to your wallpaper to bring it all together. When selecting a bold wallpaper make sure it contains colors that will work in the space. The bolder your wallpaper is the more neutral your decor should be.

There is something very vintage and classic about having floral wallpaper in your home. This is a bold way of adding floral print and it may not be for everyone. However, when it is done in a print that you enjoy it will enhance the entire space. Consider having a colorful floral print to add color and texture to a monotone room. If you want to add floral print, but do not want to add color you can also have the print in white and white instead.

Floral Dishes

There is something very fun and vintage about eating in floral plates. You can use them for special occasions or simply have them laid out for decorative purposes. The beauty that they provide will bring your entire floral decor together. 

Yes, you read that correctly, we are taking the floral print indoors. Floral dishes add a fun take to your table by simply having a pattern to look at once you finish your meal. You may want to keep these dishes out on display for a floral twist on your dining table.

Floral Curtains

In a neutral color scheme colorful, bold floral pattern curtains can add the perfect addition of color to the space. Select one color from the patterned curtains and incorporate it throughout the entire space for a cohesive look.

Curtains are typically used to shield out the sun from a room or as a decorative addition. Floral curtains will add the flair of color you may want without disturbing your current décor. Add a pastel tone curtain with pastel floral print for a softer take on the trend or a neutral tone curtain with a bold floral print for an upgrade to the space.

Floral Bed Sheets

When you hear the word “floral” you may think of a colorful pattern. However, not all floral pattern needs to be colorful it can actually be neutral. Neutral floral print is soft and elegant while still proving texture and appeal.

Floral print works beautifully in the bedroom. Switch your bed sheets to a set with floral print. Doing so will give the room a quick and easy update while incorporating floral print in a bold manner.

Floral Cushions

Cushions come in all different colors as well as patterns. Choose a pattern that helps you connect with the rest of the decor together. Floral print is easier to decorate if you choose to use neutral hues with bits of bold colors. 

Choose a floral print that really speaks to you. A print that will work well with your sofa color and any other cushions you may already have. If you have a neutral room floral print cushions can help add color as well as texture to the room. Mix and match two or three different floral patterns.

Floral Artwork

Instead of using multiple different pieces of floral art consider using one instead. Use a textured floral art piece for a bold art statement that can be seen from across the room.  The larger and more colorful the art piece is the better. 

Flowers are incorporated in numerous different paintings from watercolor to photography and even abstract. Choose a piece of artwork that you feel embodies your décor style as well as the style that your home already has. Take that piece of art and combine it with other pieces this will make your floral piece the focal point without making it obvious.

Upholster an Accent Chair

An upholstered floral chair can come in multiple different shades of bold colors. The bolder the chair the better it will be for your living room space as it will be easier to add accents to the space surrounding the accent chair.

Accent chairs are an excellent way of adding floral print as they can be interchanged at any moment. Take a boring chair that needs to be upholstered and upholster it with a floral pattern. Choose a pattern that will stand out and bring out the colors that you have currently in the space.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers add a natural beauty to any room. They are the ultimate decorative item. Ensure to always keep fresh flowers by replacing them as soon as they begin to wilt. If you don’t want to have fresh flowers purchase fake flower arrangements that have a fresh look to them.

When in doubt, add fresh flowers. There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers in a home. Incorporate fresh flowers in every room of the home for an added boost of color and freshness. Choose soft colors such as pastels pink or beige for an understated floral appeal.

Floral Carpet

Do not be afraid of adding a floral print carpet into your living room. It will work well with other floral prints or any other prints that you have in the space. As always when working with multiple different patterns stay in the same color scheme for the best results.

Floral carpets are not as popular as they used to be. But, they are an excellent way of making a statement. Choose a floral pattern that speaks to you and will enhance the space. Consider dark floral patterns for your carpet as this will ensure you have the benefits of having a floral print while still being part of your color scheme.

Floral Chair Backs

Floral chair covers are great as you are able to change them as often as you would like. You can also choose different patterns work well together. This is an excellent form of getting pattern even in your breakfast or dining area.

If you do not want to upholster your accent chairs. Change up the look of your old chairs by adding floral chair backs. Choose the same pattern for all the chairs or coordinating patterns for a cohesive look.

Floral print may not be the easiest to style but it is a beauty to have in the home. Let us know if you will, be incorporating floral print into your home décor in the comment below,


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