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15 Awesome Wallpapers For Creating Wow-Worthy Accent Walls

Wallpaper isn’t a trend of the past, in fact, it’s more in style than ever! Thankfully, there are tons of prints and patterns out there that fit our unique tastes and eclectic visions. Take a peek at our favorite finds below! These 15 awesome wallpapers are perfect for creating wow-worthy accent walls all around your own home. From the foyer to the nursery, they’ll definitely make a splash.

How does a touch of floral and a bout of butterflies sound for the guest bathroom? We found this beaut over on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to share such a gorgeous example of how a flowery wallpaper print doesn’t have to evoke a “grandma” sense of style. In fact, it can be quite funky when placed in the right kind of space.

Houston Design Center showed off this classic, black and white bedroom. Whether it’s your personal space or your guests’ area, this black and white print is such a fun way to originalize a room. The clean lines of the midcentury modern furniture really sets off the neutrality of the paper too and allows the print to stand on its own.

Frills & Drills offered up a more traditional option within their living room  design. Some subtle, trellis patterns are the perfect way to add relaxed texture to a hallway, living room, home office or bedroom. Coming in a variety of colors, you can easily create an accent wall without becoming too loud or busy amidst your clean and contemporary vision.

We’re swooning for this soft, Asian-inspired floral print as well. It’s more like a piece of artwork than a printed wallpaper piece. So instead of hand panting the wall without any creative juices, The Spruce offers us some insight into the world of interior design and how wallpaper trends have truly changed.

Decoist offered up some inspiration as well and that’s where we found this colorful print. Jazz up a playroom, the kids’ bedrooms or even add some personality to your own home office with a pattern that speaks to your vivacious spirit. You may not want to cover all four walls with it but it’ll certainly create a fun focal point on just one of them.

Sometimes you can find wallpaper that fits within your color palette and feel rather than a specific print. This blue, watercolor design will help create quite the relaxing escape inside your bedroom. We love the subtly and the romanticism. (via)

Instead of having an accent wall installed with wood pallets or trying to DIY one yourself, why not just slap on some wallpaper that does the same job. You get texture without all the fuss or without breaking the budget. Just check out this modern bedroom design and its wooden accent wall! (via)

Pinterest had this beauty floating around its inspiration boards as well. We couldn’t help but swoon over its tropical ethos and flirty personality. Add some of this girlish charm to the kitchen, the dining room or even inside the foyer to welcome your guests. It’s also great for adding color to more neutral, calmer areas of the home.

If you’re looking for a bit of vintage inspiration or something to complete your cottage-esque corner, check out this wallpaper design from A Change of Space! A fun print to finish off your breakfast nook or even your coffee corner, it’s delicate, it’s romantic and you’ll love the texture it brings into the neutral area. You’ll have antique plates on the table and on the wall (but without all the holes and display shelves).

Milena gave us this funky printed tile wallpaper that fits well inside of hallways and breakfast nooks as well. There’s a certain European charm about this one that we’ve fallen in love with. If you’re looking to bring in some color, again, wallpaper accent walls are the best way to go about it. It helps to transform any space without becoming too expensive.

A Beautiful Mess knows that a bit of abstract art works to compliment minimalistic spaces or contemporary corners. And that’s exactly what we get with this black and white office wall. Highlighting the desk and the retro furniture pieces, it adds just enough personality without becoming too overpowering.

Of course, not everything has to be contemporary and on trend. There are still wallpaper choices out there that fit a more traditional theme. And inside this family living room, we see a print that blends within that style genre without becoming too boring or drab. (via)

Brick accents walls will always be a favorite of ours. And that’s because of their clear versatile. They’re able to fit inside any kind of home or type of room. And with wallpaper you get even more versatile and accessibility. Thanks for the inspiration Oz Home!

If you’re looking for texture and color too, check out this denim-inspired wallpaper! Perfect for home offices, bedrooms or even inside some hallways, you’ll get a beautiful tone with a slight texture for interest. Just make sure that if you go with a richer shade you set off the darkness with light naturals. (via)

And finally, we have another beautiful wallpaper example from Pinterest. Gilded and golden, add a bout of luxury to the bedroom with a print that has a touch of gold and a touch of Victorian element as well. You can even get away with covering more than one wall with this one.



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