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The Best Ways to Incorporate Wallpaper into Your Living Room

Are you thinking about redecorating your living room? If so, you should look into incorporating wallpaper somewhere into your design. Most people brush aside wallpaper as difficult to deal with, but it actually isn’t that hard to install and can really add a whole new look to a room.

How To Install Wallpaper

living room wallpaper ideas

Installing wallpaper is quite simple, you just need to follow the easy steps outlined in this easy guide by Melanie Lissack Interiors.

  1. Mark Your Wallpaper – Use a pencil to measure the wallpaper against the actual wall before you cut it.
  2. Prep Your Walls – Remove any nails or bolts, and fill in any large holes. You will then want to prime the walls with a wallpaper-specific primer. This is also the time to remove covers from around outlets.
  3. Cut Your Paper – Although you’ve marked your paper with a pencil when you go to cut the paper, cut beyond those lines. This will allow you to have excess in case you didn’t measure properly. This will also help you to blend the pieces together a bit better.
  4. Apply Paste – You can either apply the paste to the paper and put it on the wall, or on the wall then apply the paper, the choice is yours.
  5. Use A Cloth to Smooth the Paper – Use a cloth to smooth out any wrinkles around the edge of the paper. If you end up with massive wrinkles during application, don’t be afraid to gently remove the wallpaper and try again. Make sure you push the paper into the wall cervices during this step. 
  6. Trim Excess – Next, you will carefully trim away any excess paper that remains in corners or around fixtures. Go slow and use either scissors or a knife and a ruler to make a clean cut.
  7. Match The Pattern – After you have hung your first piece of wallpaper, it’s important to match the pattern as you hang your second piece and any subsequent pieces. This may result in needing to cut the wallpaper in different spots which may result in waste—thus having more wallpaper than you think you will need is a good idea.

Now that you know how easy it is to install wallpaper,  it’s time to explore your new skill by looking at some awesome living room wallpaper ideas you can use to spruce up your home!

Redoing an entire room with wallpaper can seem like quite the project, which is why you could also consider just adding a simple wallpaper accent wall to your living room for a classy and chic look. 

Classy and Chic Wallpaper Ideas For Your Living Room

1. Skyline Wallpaper

Skyline Wallpaper

In the modern-day, wallpaper is no longer only available in simple repeating patterns. In the modern-day, wallpaper is no longer only available in simple repeating patterns. Check out this awesome rainbow skyline wallpaper by ArtPause, which can be ordered in specific dimensions to suit your exact wall at https://www.photowall.co.uk/wallpaper/cities-places. Although rainbow can be a bit intimidating to work with, this wallpaper would look amazing as an accent wall in a living room with white walls and solid-colored furniture in one of the tones featured in the wallpaper. 

2. Beautifully Bold

Beautifully Bold

This next living room wallpaper idea is one of our favorites. Designed by Maureen Stevens Designs, the room cohesively combines a magenta wallpaper with bold navy furnishings. The wallpaper, although magenta, is patterned with lots of white in a way that mutes the color just enough as to not overwhelm the viewer. This design is daring, but when used properly can really give your living room a whole new vibe.

3. Multicolor Fun

Multicolor Fun

Oftentimes, people are scared to pick a wallpaper with a bright and colorful pattern. But if you know what you are doing, you can use even the most eclectic design to create a wallpaper accent wall in your living room. In this example by Natalie Guertler Interiors, the colors of the wallpaper design are used to pick solid colored furniture to keep the room from being overpowered by patterns.

4. Contemporary Black And White Pattern

Contemporary Black And White Pattern

This living room by Color Concept Theory, uses a beautiful black and white arabesque patterned wallpaper to accent a room filled with white furniture. The mostly black wallpaper makes the white really pop without making the room seem too dark, while the white pattern really stands out next to the white brick fireplace. All of these features work together cohesively to give the room a nice unified look.

5. Dark, Patterned, and Classy

Dark, Patterned, and Classy

Even living rooms outfitted in dark word can benefit from a wallpaper accent wall. Check out this living room by Woodmeister Master Builders in which a brown floral design is used to add wallpaper accents to the room. The wallpaper helps to break up the monotony of all the wood while also adding a softer touch to the room as a whole.

6. Crazy Accent Wall

Maybe you’ve found an amazing wallpaper but it is just simply too busy to wallpaper you entire living room. Consider instead making a wallpaper accent wall in your living room with it to give the room some pizzaz. This awesome living room by Emily Andrews features an accent wall of a crazy black patterned wallpaper, but it works well because the rest of the room is kept mostly white.

7. Calming Neutrals

The cool thing about wallpaper is that it can truly be fit into any style room. If the other suggestions on this list are just too much for your home, check out this living room wall paper idea where a nice neutral tan paper was used by Nate Fisher Interior Design to bring this room together. It’s light enough that it isn’t immediately noticeable, but gives the room more character than if the walls were left white.

8. Eclectic Full-Color Scale

Eclectic Full-Color Scale

This is another wallpaper that may be better saved for a living room accent wall, but it is used beautifully in this living room featured on Houzz. The walls are bright, but well accented, with solid and neutral furniture. This type of wallpaper can easily overpower, so if you do go with a wallpaper pattern like this, the whole room will need to be planned around it.


Wallpaper, whether used for a full room or as an accent wall, is incredibly formidable, thus there is no reason not to consider it for your next living room upgrade. Whether you select a crazy pattern, calming neutral, or awesome contemporary skyline, wallpaper can fit into any aesthetic and truly give you the living room of your dreams. So grab some wallpaper and let your creativity take your living room to the next level!


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