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11 Breathtaking Dining Room Wallpapers

The dining room is one of the places in the home that we use the most, from eating with family to entertaining friends. One way to give your dining room an instant upgrade is by adding wallpaper to the space. Although wallpaper is not generally used in the dining room it is the perfect addition to the space. We have rounded up some of the most breathtaking wallpapers that are sure to inspire your next dining room renovation.

Gold and Cream

Just because the colors are traditional, doesn’t mean the space can’t be modern and versatile. Consider adding a fun element to the space while using a fun pattern as part of the wallpaper decor. A pineapple print is an excellent example of what a fun wallpaper can do to a room.

In general dining rooms tend to be relaxing with little to no décor besides the traditional dining table. However, adding a wallpaper with some texture will revamp the space and give it an upgrade. If you already have a neutral kitchen space, adding a gold and cream wallpaper will give you visual appeal while still being part of your décor. Consider using a design that flows with your current décor.

Bold Black and White

Just because its black and white does not mean it has to be “traditional”. Add a black and white feature to the room by using a striped wallpaper. The stripes will enhance the space and make it appear larger while giving the room an edgy feel. Pair it with a few bold hues.

Just because the colors are black and white it does not mean that the wallpaper will not make a big impact. Use a bold wallpaper with a black and white color scheme that offers a daring design.  Doing so will bring the space to life without having to use color.

Wallpaper Ceiling

Take your dining room decor a step further and use wallpaper on your ceiling. Wallpaper isn’t limited to your walls alone consider having a contrasting pattern or bold hue as part of your dining room decor. Pair it with soft shades of cream, off-white, and gray to complete the look. 

Instead of only decorating your walls with wallpaper consider using a show-stopping design on your ceiling. Doing so will add personality and color to the area without having to decorate your walls. The beauty of this is you have numerous different options depending on the colors you are currently using in your dining room.

Agate Walls

Nothing screams “unique and modern” quite like an agate wallpaper. The different ridges in the wallpaper itself will give a focal point to the room. Plus let’s not forget your walls will give the illusion of the inside of a crystal. Pair this wallpaper with bold hues to bring out the natural different hues of the agate. 

Agate is a semi-precious form of microcrystalline quartz. This precious wallpaper works in the space because it gives the room a crystallized appearance with a unique pattern that is never duplicated. The texture of this wallpaper comes in different shades of gray, which is perfect if you want to keep the room with a neutral color scheme.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns are extremely versatile because of how unique they are. They come in numerous different hues and work well in most areas they are placed in. They work very well in the dining room because the decor will work around it instead of against it.

One of the best choices for wallpaper in any room is having a geometric pattern wallpaper throughout. The mesmerizing effect these patterns bring a little something extra to the dining room space. Pair it with bold hues or color block furniture for an interesting visual effect.

Touch of Floral

The beauty of a floral wallpaper is that it comes in multiple different colors including black and white, this allows you to be able to work in different hues such as green, blue red and even shades of pink. Pair it with metallics for the best outcome. You can even add hints of other patterns for a contemporary feel. 

Floral wallpaper is the perfect fun, vintage addition to any dining room. It gives the space a well-deserved feminine touch that just brings everything together. The key is working with a pattern that will embrace the space instead of taking away from it.

Traditional Blue and White

Who says you cant have a blue and white wallpaper and pair it with an even bolder hue like magenta? The key is working with hues that compliment each other not work against one another. Use shades of blue that are richer and have a purple undertone, they work best with bold hues like magenta.

What could possibly be more traditional than a blue and white color scheme in the dining room area? There is nothing quite as traditional. Pair your blue and white hues with a bold blue and white wallpaper to bring it all together in the most unconventional way.

Contemporary Colorful Ceiling

A contemporary ceiling color or pattern adds a little something to the dining room space that is difficult to recreate otherwise. You want to use colors that stand out from the ones you are currently using for a contrast that is bold. Take a step further and add a floral print, contemporary ceiling wallpaper for the ultimate upgrade.

As we stated before adding wallpaper to your ceiling is always a great idea. However, getting creative with it is even greater. The idea is to achieve a contemporary dining space by using modern wallpaper in the ceiling. Pair it with trendy seating and your space will transform instantly.

Sophisticated Railing Effect

There is something sophisticated about using a railing design in your dining room space. Use a soft neutral wallpaper with texture to create a beautiful effect that screams elegance from the moment you step into the room. You want to have the room appear regal as that’s the feeling you will receive when you use a railing wallpaper design.

Wallpaper doesn’t necessarily need to cover the entire wall. You can create a sophisticated appeal by having a railing effect that only covered the top half or the bottom half of the wall you decide to decorate. You can use one accent wall or have all your walls with this design concept.

Grid Wallpaper

Grid wallpaper is great because it looks sort of homemade all while being modern and trendy. This wallpaper works best in a modern decorated dining space as it will bring the entire decor together. Work in a bold hue to create an easy contrast.

Grid wallpaper is chic, elegant, and modern. The natural softness of the wallpaper works well with any color scheme and different hues you may use in the space. In fact, it will brighten up the room as the focus will immediately gravitate towards the walls and not anywhere else in the room.


When working on adding an eclectic effect to your dining room go big or go home. The key is pairing bold hues and patterns with neutral shades that will seamlessly pair well in the space. Use shades that work well with your current furniture pieces. 

For those that want to embrace color and pattern on a bigger scale, using an eclectic, bold wallpaper is the way to go. Consider animal or jungle prints for the ultimate electric moment in your home. The key is keeping the décor neutral for the most part to allow the wallpaper to shine through.

Wallpaper could be exactly what your dining room needs, which of this is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.


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