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Refreshing Cheap Ways To Update Your Living Room

Since our last post on cheap ways to update your kitchen did so well, we wanted to take you down the road of cheaply updating your living room. While the kitchen might be $20,000 to upgrade, the living room has a beginning budget of $40,000. This is mainly due to how many decorative items go into the living room. It’s not all about you already have, it’s all about bringing something new and fresh to the space without spending a boatload of money. Keeping that in mind, here are refreshing, cheap ways to upgrade your living room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

When rearranging your furniture you want to focus on creating a more rounded appearance. Doing so will create a cozier aesthetic.

Before we dive into ways to refresh the room, let’s take a look at an obvious option that many times gets overlooked- rearranging your furniture. The simple act of rearranging your furniture can make a huge difference in the room. Not only is it inexpensive, but it works well to create a new vibe in the room. The key is working with the complete opposite of what you already have in the room. Consider bringing in a display that makes sense to the square footage of the room. To ensure the space feels cohesive yet new.


When in doubt, bring in the marble. Marble is an excellent option to choose from as it is neutral and creates an accent feel.

Another obvious way to upgrade the room is to paint. After a while, your painted walls can become a bit of a drab, so it makes sense to upgrade them and give them a new twist. Whether you do that by adding a fresh coat, bringing in an accent wall or using wallpaper is all up to you. The key is having a new twist that makes sense for what you already have while still giving it that fresh twist we seek and love.

Change your Lighting

When changing your lighting, consider going the modern and edgy route. Doing so will create an expansive feel.

Sometimes all a room needs to feel new and fresh is a change in lighting. Consider your light fixtures sort of the jewelry of the room. Therefore, you want to give it a fresh look by adding a new light fixture that feels more prominent to the décor you already have. When in doubt, add a grand fixture or using two instead of one. Doing so will create a unique display that feels refreshed almost instantly.

Refresh the Mantel

Add smaller trinkets to have your natural decor of the room come to life.

Having a fireplace mantel is great, especially during the holidays. However, it can become a bit mundane on an everyday basis. To remove that dull appeal, you want to refresh the area. To refresh it create an arrangement of items that come in two or three different heights for an intricate touch. Add flowers, or decorative branches to complete the new look. This works due to having a transcending approach that does not need to be changed regularly.

Bring in New Throw Pillows

Choose a color palette you enjoy and make it become the main focus of your throw pillow display.

Throw pillows are always a good idea. They add color, warmth and even bring in a textured approach right where you need it. Keeping that in mind, bring in color and print to the room by using throw pillows. You want your throw pillows to make a statement from the moment you enter the area. Use a color and pattern you were afraid to showcase to display it in smaller doses. The idea is to have your personality and style at the forefront of your living room.

Bring in a Mirror

Why have one mirror when you can have a couple? Consider having a display of mirrors and having them become the main focus.

If your room is smaller in size take into consideration adding in a mirror. Many don’t look at mirrors as enhancing décor, but they can be. The concept is to add a large mirror that makes the room feel grander while adding texture as well. Consider incorporating a mirror that has an intricate frame for that elevated appeal that makes the room feel grandiose without having to overbear the area. Furthermore, you want your living room to have a chic twist.

Cozy Rug

If you already have a color palette in mind, consider adding a rug that blends with what you already have for a cohesive approach.

We love the idea of having a rug in the living room, it adds a cozy factor while making the room feel new and fresh. Additionally, a rug brings on a sleeker appeal, there is this focal point that comes from having a cozy rug. Whether you decide on a patterned or a faux fur rug that is completely up to you. Furthermore, you could even want to bring in a colorful rug or layer them to make a daring statement, in that middle portion of the room.

Accent Chairs

The grander your accent chair the better! Think of them as additional jewels for the room.

When in doubt, bring in a set of accent chairs. Accent chairs make sense because they bring that statement that we all want in a room. Though, it could be difficult to find a pair of chairs that you like, think of upholstering one and using a set of fabrics that truly brighten the room’s aesthetic. You might not be able to change the entire room, but you could bring these fun chairs and have them bring personality in a chic way to the area.

Consider a Gallery Wall

Give your gallery wall a theme to truly make a statement right when and where you need it most.

Gallery walls are perfect when you have too many images or ideas laying around your home or your head. You want to have this wall that showcases your family, or even your most beloved hobbies. Maybe you want to display encouraging quotes that make you feel better when you read them? Or you want to have pictures you have painted before. Regardless of what you select always consider a mix and match approach. Taking this notion will ensure you bring exactly what you want and need to the table.

 Change your TV Console

When in doubt shrink your console and allow the rest of the room to make a statement

If you can only make one big purchase changing your console is the way to go. Your TV console can take up a whole lot of space, so instead of having it simply sit there. Consider changing it, revamping it, painting it or purchasing a new one. You want to have your TV displayed in a new fashion. The simple job of doing this can bring a world of a difference and create a completely different look in the room. Consider displaying your TV and giving it a chic look without all the clutter.

Which of these ideas will you be taking into consideration? Share with us your ideas below.


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