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11 Ways Red Chairs Can Create Dramatic Decor

Red hot seating adds sizzle to any space whether industrial, modern, country or rustic, red is a high impact design feature and lucky for us its one of the hottest trends in home decor.

The fun thing about red dining chairs is that the rest of your home can still present a neutral color scheme no matter what the style is and if your dining room is next to an exposed kitchen like in this fabulous loft conversion, it gives you the opportunity to layer in some red kitchen accessories as well.
Its amazing how a single (or 5 really) item in a bold shade of red can take an ordinary room and make it extraordinary. It doesn’t matter that these counters are marble and the ceiling and floor are solid wood, it’s the red kitchen stools that command the attention. To see the rest of this condo click here.
Red is a great way to create a connection between beiges and greys and with today’s home’s featuring a little of both its no wonder that red chairs or kitchen stools are all the rage. If you would like to see more of this Victorian Town House click here.
Here’s an awesome example of how red kitchen chairs add a punch of color to an otherwise neutral space while at the same time framing and highlighting that amazing island pedestal that slices through the countertop.
Red chairs don’t have to be relegated to the dining room or the kitchen. In this small forest cabin a pair of red chairs behind the sofa are used for both dining and living while an occasional chair near the fireplace picks up on the color via its back cushion. Even with these pops of red the views are always the focal point proving that red does not have to be the center of attention.
There really is only one word to say about this room and that’s “WOW”. Completely black with the only divergence from the midnight hue being the red barstools, the white chandelier and the skies beyond, the room is an absolutely magical oasis and yet if you remove the red it becomes much less so.
red-chairs-create-drama-11-trendy-ideas-7-dining- chairs.jpg
OK, really, how cute is this space? It brings to mind that childhood puzzle “What’s black and white and red all over” but in this case its not a newspaper but a seriously chic, comfortable and relatively uncluttered social zone that features not only red dining chairs but a pop of red on a flower cushion and a red bowl on the coffee table.
Red is not just for residential use, offices are far more creative environments when they embrace color and what better way to do that then wrapping a conference table with red office stools – in this case 23 of them. The red color is a simple tactic with major impact.
Surrounding a table with bold red dining chairs can achieve the same results as an area rug so if you are one of those folks who cringe at the idea of carpeting under a dining table then red chairs might just be what you need. Its amazing how they define this dining area while at the same time making it a bold and excitingly modern.
Red furniture – especially chairs or stools – usually brings to mind either a modern or industrial aesthetic, but red lends itself to rustic as well. For example, just look how cozy these red chairs look around a knotty pine table. The pop of the red chairs and that unusual chandelier along with the red dino add so much personality to this modish room that its hard to tear your eyes away from it. It’s a great composition.
These dining chairs are steely red – literally, I love how the powder coating gives them a reflective sheen, such a nice contrast to the rustic trestle table with its solid wood plank top. The slim but high-impact, stop-dead-in-your-tracks red dining chairs add so much personality to this space that it’s hard to imagine the room with any other type of seating.
The I-beam trestle table above is by School Street Designs.


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