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Home with 2-storey Kitchen creates Drama at Mezzanine Level

Hungry Neck Residence is located in Raleigh, NC, USA. Designed by The Raleigh Architecture Company to accommodate a variety of activities including gourmet cooking, entertaining, music and writing, the 2-storey kitchen creates drama with its oversized light pendant and custom made stove hood. Balancing out these two statement makers to form the third point in a triangle is the 2-storey flue on the fireplace just next to the stairwell.
The geometry of the three vertical black elements is poignantly contrasted by the rectangular skylight, which reads as a bright white when the sun’s rays pass through it.

From the road, Hungry Neck Residence presents a modern, minimalist facade, designed to blend into the neighborhood. The architectural drama within is not realized until one enters the home.
The facade has large roof overhangs that where achieved with minimal steel reinforcement by implementing an open web truss roof structure.
Metal pan-formed concrete foundations support 2×6 exterior wood stud walls while painted cementitious panels provide a low maintenance exterior. The soffits are covered in locally sourced cypress siding.
Galvanized standing seam metal roofing was specified to handle the low slopes and provide a durable surface and reflect unwanted heat gain.
Inside, the home enters both from the front door and from the garage via the dining room, which has its own private terrace on one side and that amazing double volume kitchen on the other.
The dining room terrace can be completely opened up thanks to a series of bi-folding glass doors.
The interior of Hungry Neck Residence is consistently white walls with steel elements so the use of engineered wood flooring helps warm the space up.
The kitchen is the hub of the home and everything revolves around this double volume space. The cabinetry is void of detail, allowing the soaring custom steel hood and custom bell shaped light pendant to be the star of the show.

The mezzanine wraps around the kitchen on 3 sides and a simple steel handrail surrounds it like a frame to the stove hood and light pendant. It’s quite the dramatic architectural statement.
The third soaring detail is the stove pipe to the wood stove positioned next to the stairwell beside the entry to the living room.
Like the dining room, the living room has its own terrace accessed, this time accessed by a single door.
Upstairs, next to the landing is a huge sliding barn door that offers privacy to the home office, which overlooks the garden.
The master bedroom is also upstairs and has a gorgeous view of a 100 year old oak tree in the backyard. A second bedroom is on the far side of the upstairs, between the home office and a washroom.
The use of city is reduced via a rainwater collection system that stores it in a 1200 gallon underground water cistern before supplying the cold water to the toilets, washing machines and landscape irrigation. There is also a sealed crawl space and open cell spray foam insulation which provides an efficient thermal envelope that is heated and cooled by two vertical geothermal wells.
The Raleigh Architecture Company.
Photography by Richard Leo Johnson as well as Courtney Richeson.
A double volume space is an opportunity to think outside the box and a light pendant, stove hood or a fireplace flu makes a dramatic statement when it/they rise vertically through the air, passing by an upper volume mezzanine, but best of all is when all three elements are used to create a singular vignette as The Raleigh Architecture Company did here in Hungry Neck Residence.


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