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Artsy 3-Storey Home Built from 31 Shipping Containers

Located 5 miles from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and designed by Todd Miller of Ziegler Build, this 6,000sqft 3-storey home is made from 31 new 20ft shipping containers and includes a study, home office, workshop, gym space and a sparkling saltwater pool, as well as four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Additionally it includes a 3000L water tank, satellite wiring and is solar ready. All these features on their own are impressive, but the architectural elements of the shipping containers add that extra touch of street chic to an already luxuriously exciting space.

The home sits on a 706m2 site in the Graceville area and overlooks views of the river. Walls of glazing opening up to decks on each level allowing for an immediate outdoor connection that allows the cooling breezes of the tropical Queensland climate to enter the various zones within.
The front entry presents a reserved profile with visual interest being created by the textures of the containers as well as the additional wood detailing.
Stunning graffiti art creates a dynamic facade on the side of the home that blends harmoniously with the street chic elements of the shipping container aesthetic.
The colours within the graffiti art are pulled from the deck rails above and pool just around the corner.
The saltwater pool performs double duty by offering a place to swim and also by cooling the air before it enters the home. While this side of the home does not feature any graffiti art, the interior zone does.
The family room adjacent to the pool features a large canvas of contemporary graffiti, creating an immediate connection to the art on the outside of the building. Even the colours within the canvas are similar to those used on the building art.
Just outside the family room a long hall spans the width of the home, connecting the side yard with the entry and the flight of stairs in the foyer that leads to the living, kitchen and dining areas as well as 3 bedrooms, a study and a washroom.
The combination of the galvanized pipes and corrugated steel walls create a unique industrial statement that creatively balances the wall of art. Additionally the repeat pattern within the ceiling of the wood cladding softens the overall scheme and creates a connectivity to the view beyond the door.
Wood is also used in other creative compositions such as the entry doors made of wood in various sizes and thicknesses
The stairs lead up to the social zone on the left and the private zones on the right.
While the lower level featured an industrial aesthetic within the shipping container surrounds, this second level offers a richer, warmer visual created with the deeper hued walls and while the walls are a very deep shade, the large expanses of glazing keeps the rooms light and bright.
The post and beam architectural details belie the container construction and the voids created by these details allows for double volume heights and large open plan living.
The white of the kitchen cabinets pop against their charcoal backsplash while the large hand pulls on the cabinetry play off of the shadow lines within the container surround.
Right next to the kitchen is the dining area, set within its own container that has most of its sides removed, the container texture on the ceiling is reminiscent of board and batten.
A hallway divides the social zone from the bedrooms and office while a stairway at the end of the hall leads to the Master Suite. The glitz of the lighting in the hallway is a fun contrast to the industrial surround.
Its amazing how many different textures have been used within this awesome home.
The bedroom zone of the Master Suite is huge and features a large walk-in closet behind the headboard wall.
The private ensuite showcases an amazing wall mural that continues into the tub surround – absolutely incredible.
This 31 shipping container home encompasses 3 levels of open spaces and exciting finishes. The interesting voids and artistic features have created a home that is both practical and exciting. This is a home to be proud of in so many ways.
Ziegler Build
Tod Miller YouTube video describing this project
Photography by Peter and Brad


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